One Feature Wall to Impress

Instead of thinking of some accent furniture and the proportional sizes, why do not you shed light on one of your walls to be the object of admiration? An accent wall works as a superstar who shines bright and places his band in the spotlight, taking all the breaths and catching all the eyes towards the show as a whole. That is, the lustrous character of the feature wall does not override the other elements of decor, but accentuates the beauty of every single part of the room, making an entire masterpiece of the room.

Significantly, choose the right location of a feature wall. It can be behind the bed in your bedroom, behind the fireplace or TV in your living room, opposite to the door in the entrance hallway, or the bare wall in the kitchen or bathroom. There are many ways to give one of your walls this striking significance.

First, the most popular method is painting. Pay attention to the color scheme throughout all your walls. A feature wall is painted in a darker shade of color than the other walls, and the degree of darkness is defined according to the space of the room. Plum, burgundy, or chocolate for the feature wall, along with beige or tan for the other walls, gives a prominent and cozy effect to a spacious room.

Or, paint all the walls in one subtle color for a small room, and create the dramatic effect by a special faux finish like suede or a different finishing technique like stencilling, ragging, or stippling for the feature wall. Second, you can use wallpapers either light-colored and with some texture, or stunning with the rich colors and bold prints. Hang the strips of wallpapers horizontally over the headboard or on the alcoves on both sides to create an outstanding integrated look.

Third, you can go special and innovative, using other materials for wall coverings such as bamboo, dried grass, lavish silks, metallic or woven leather. Also, colorful tiles of different shapes and patterns will create a distinguished look for the bare wall of the kitchen or bathroom. Alternatively, wood bricks, whether natural or faux, for your feature wall create a relaxing, cozy atmosphere. Fourth, you can use simple objects of your own design like a nice piece of art, an oversized canvas, or a group of pictures and photographs.

One Feature Wall to Impress
One Feature Wall to Impress

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