Orange Rooms – Rooms by adding Orange

Have a fresh bright look for your rooms by adding orange into them, Orange, the fruit not the color, do you know why is it so good for you? Being full of Vitamin C among other nutrients, it gives you energy and keeps your body healthy. No matter what you should never neglect adding orange to your everyday breakfast. As vital the fruit is to your a healthy body, so is the orange color to a lovely decoration with lots of energy vibes in it. Orange is applicable in nearly every room, but how to apply it to maintain the classiness of it and without turning the room into a childish one?

Do not, by any means, add any cartoon characters unless it is indeed a children’s room. The color can easily give the impression of a toddlers’ room with the cartoon figures so unless you mean it, avoid it. To keep things classy, mix orange with deep colors. The good thing about this color is the fact that is matches a lot of colors like white, brown, green, cream and many others. Every combination can give you a new spirit to add in your room, and every combination can add to a certain theme or style that you would like to accent.

For your bathroom, try the mix of orange and white tiles as they will keep your bathroom fresh, clean and vibrant. For a new modern living room, mix orange fabric with black furniture and put wall art combining black, orange and white strikes. For the walls, you can have them in cream or white. The kitchen will be great with high gloss orange cabinets with metallic handles and dark grey walls; this will give you an elegant industrial look. For the bedroom, be playful with orange sheets and orange walls and let the furniture be brown.
Orange Rooms – Rooms by adding Orange

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