Organic Furniture Pieces – Why Go Organic?

Here’s something you should know; Since infants spend most of their time in their cribs and since they are born with underdeveloped immune systems, there has to be some standards to what the cribs are made of, right? Manufacturers of regular furniture use particle boards such as PDBEs, boric acid, antimony, silica, and melamine. Though those boards serve as preservatives, flame retardants, pesticides and desiccants, they have proven to poison the bloodstream if inhaled and poison the stomach if ingested. And those dangers aren’t only limited to infants, but include adults as well.

To be honest, organic furniture has never let any customer down. For one thing, it’s a hundred percent natural thus a hundred percent safe. It’s created from solid woods, such as oak, cherry, maple and walnut, which are the most durable without depending on chemicals to bond and their lifespan could last for decades.

If you purchase one piece of organic furniture, then be certain that this particular piece is going to last for generations in your family. An organic baby crib, even though the baby will grow out of it, it could be a long lasting family heirloom or antique.

Organic craftsmen usually give each piece a high level of artistry and the pieces are crafted with historical appeals that look uncompromisingly attractive. Also, the pieces are made-to-order, so you can customize each piece according to your needs in order to make it unique and functional. For example, you can order a higher bed frame, more bed slats, foot rails, or additional shelves beneath the bed that are made with poplar or cedar linings. Also, organic baby cribs are crafted with movable panels and adjustable heights, and it could be converted to a kid sized bed when your kid grows out of it.

For pieces of furniture that take a lot of wear and tear, such as living room tables and dining sets, organic furniture will be your smartest choice. The tables’ tops are often slightly irregular which adds to its aesthetic appeal.

You can purchase a dining table with an organic wooden top and with legs that are either wooden to complement the natural rustic theme or metallic to enhance a contrasted contemporary-rustic theme. The sight of that masterfully-made organic furniture will give an aura of purity and a fresh sense of being close to nature.
Organic Furniture Pieces – Why Go Organic
Organic Furniture Pieces – Why Go Organic

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