A Picnic at the Threshold of your House

At the weekends, people usually need to break the daily routine and escape the stress of practical life in their different ways. Some would go for an excursion, a picnic, or the cinema with the family. Others, especially youths, would like to visit their friends or go out with them anywhere. Or, simply the family would opt for the easiest choice and gather at the traditional patio.

But, we will get you surprised when you find that you can get all the entertaining recreation means at the price of one, discounting the crowd, noise, and exhaustion of the traffic jam. Just take a step outside to your patio or backyard and you will see a terrific kitchen island where you, your family, relatives, and friends can get together for a merry meal.

First of all, there are two kinds of an outdoor kitchen island: the customized, which usually match your expectations, and the prefabricated, which gives you more freedom to make your own creation, according to your special taste. The basic item is the modern stove which is compact, lightweight, and available in many styles: the small single burner stove, canister stove, or liquid fuel stove. Alternatively, you can get a rotisserie or warming rack for large meals, or the small charcoal grill for a simple kitchen. Then, you can add the sink with a faucet, cook-top, and mini-refrigerator for storing foods and drinks. Also, some cabinets with drawers will keep the utensils you need organized appropriately and will keep the whole look tidy and spacious.

Then, let your family and guests rest by giving them comfortable stylish chairs, tables, patio umbrellas, or you can make a covered porch or gazebo if you have enough space. Afterwards, make the atmosphere warm and cozy through deck lighting and patio heaters or a beautiful outdoor fireplace. Also, add a few touches of decoration by using accessories like plants in colorful containers and matching fabrics.

Do not forget to entertain your guests by giving them an outdoor television for watching a football match, or a favorite program or movie. For those who love hiking, get a nice sound track for playing some music so that they feel relaxed and enjoy a romantic atmosphere.
Threshold of your House

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