remodeling your teenage boys’ room

To mums: read about remodeling your teenage boys’ room…a lot of fun…a lot of controversy, When I first started to get the hint my kids tried to give me, I was not sure what to do. My teenage boys started complaining about how childish there room have become. At first, I was shocked about the years that just went by and I remembered the time I took my kids to shop for beddings. Back then spiderman was still a new hit, however, my kids have always been fond of soccer and cars. Now, they have grown up and it is time to remodel their room. As a mom in my forties, I find a lot of ideas ridiculous just the same as the Hannah Montana everything that young teenage girls find in the market. Since I will never have the same interests my boys have and also since I know how to feels to be a teenager, though it is really back in the days, I came to the fact that I will have to yield to their choices.

My boys’ interests are now different, one of them likes surfing and the other likes American football. So it was not a challenge to know how they will like their room, but the trickiest part was the compromises we had to make. Since the boys are sharing the same room, which is challenging enough as teenagers tend to like having their own private space, we decided to have bunk bed to overcome the limited space of the room. The good thing is that they did not actually mind the bunk bed as they tend to get alalong well about it. This gave us the chance to work on the rest of the room to elaborate their favourite themes.

Mixing both themes was tricky as for surfing the color will be blue and for American football red will be great. So the paint was an actual fun beacause it was a shade of purplish blue and red, with the right shades of each color the room became magical as blue is relaxing and red is vibrant and energetic. Wall art was also a great idea for the decoration of the room as we used bluish surfing board shaped mirrors. Along with a red complete-body poster for some American football player whom my son admires and whose name I always forget. I loved how the room turned out and I felt blessed for the huge amount of fuuny arguments with sons trying to make compromises.
remodeling your teenage boys’ room

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