• Small and Large Attic Room Design Ideas

    Small and Large Attic Room Design Ideas

    Your attic may serve as an additional room according to your home needs or even a complete open designed apartment. To make use of such a place in an innovative way, you should arrange the principal furniture pieces according to the height of the walls and use several windows or skylights to fill the place with natural light. Your large attic can serve as an open designed separate apartment that includes a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room. In this case, you will need more than a skylight to give the place a spacious and airy look. You can provide your attic a special access from outside of your home if you need a degree of privacy. Instead, your attic can serve as a functional room whether it is a reading room, a bedroom, a laundry room, a home gym, a playroom, a living room, a teenager bedroom, a home…

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  • Refreshing Spring Decorations for a Windowless Room

    Refreshing Spring Decorations for a Windowless Room

    It is widely known that spring means fresh air, natural views, and colorful surrounding. However, you can still give your home a spring fell even if a certain room does not have windows at all or just has a small window.Here you will find alternative ways to give your home a refreshing spring look. The natural potted plants at different corners of your windowless room with the suitable artificial light will refresh the look of the place greatly. If such plants have fresh scents, you will gather the fresh look with feel and you will completely forget that the room is windowless. For example, you can plant mint, lavender, or lemon in the room or place a small pot of fresh herbs like basil beside the frame of the window. Additionally, you can place fresh fruits or vegetables in a glass or a colorful plate on one of the room’s…

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  • 8 Amazing Decorative Touches to Enhance the Aesthetic Look of any Room

    8 Amazing Decorative Touches to Enhance the Aesthetic Look of any Room

    Having an amazing home means that you are decorating every room according to your own taste. You can use unique touches that will let you feel that you belong to this place taking into consideration the style and size of every room in your lovely home. Adding a cantilevered chair to your living room, dining room, or home office can serve as a functional part of the place increasing its decorative value. You can use a Chinese garden stool along with green plants to bring the natural charm into your living room.The real or faux Mongolian pillows will add luxury and glory to your bedroom or living room as they will give you a comfortable feel drawing the attention of your guests. Your bathroom will look unique and inviting using the amazing functional accessories will enhance the aesthetic look of the place. For example, the stylish round mirror with that…

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  • Cool and Inviting Design Ideas for Your Study Room

    Cool and Inviting Design Ideas for Your Study Room

    The study room is a separate room or a part of a functional room that will be a perfect space for your children to study or for you to enjoy self0studying or even work. Whatever the size of your study room, it should be comfortable, organized, and free from the distractions. If you have a separate study room, you may install a bookshelf near the desk to reach the needed book easily without cluttering the room. If you need more storage spaces in the room, try to install a space saving closed cabinet under your bookshelf. The comfortable sofa will provide you the perfect environment to read the romantic novels and stories and will give you a relaxing space to read while your children are studying. The study area can be attached to your kid’s or even your own bedroom. In such a room, the desk should be located directly…

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  • The Long and Short of Decorating Your Room In Bohemian Style in 4 Steps

    The Long and Short of Decorating Your Room In Bohemian Style in 4 Steps

    Bohemian decor is one type of decor that expresses your interests and views on life accurately. It is for those sophisticated people who have colorful characters and wide interest in different cultures and experiences. It is laid back, unusual and totally chick. Let us learn – in few simple steps – the art of bohemian decoration. 1- When it comes to bohemian decor, there are no right colors and wrong colors. However, the colors that are usually chosen by those who love this design are metallics (silver, bronze and gold) and earthy colors (terracotta, brown, beige). Then they are accentuated and brought to life with accents of orange, green, blue and purple in the form of wall art and ornaments. 2- when choosing your furniture materials, avoid things that look like they have been unwrapped recently. Do not choose something that looks like it has been dug out of someone’s…

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  • 5 Steps to Remodel Your Kids’ Room Using Sponge Bob Theme

    5 Steps to Remodel Your Kids’ Room Using Sponge Bob Theme

    Every decor you choose follows a certain theme. Kids like their rooms to be remodeled after famous cartoon themes. And who is better than the famous square sponge, Sponge Bob, to choose for a kids’ bedroom theme? Let us learn how to remodel a kids’ bedroom using Sponge Bob theme. 1- First, we have to deal with the walls. In my opinion, the best color to use either as main color or an accent color is yellow. However, you could also use soft yellow and blue to make that Bikini Bottom look. Then you could use stencils cut after Sponge Bob characters or even Sponge Bob stickers and stick them on the walls. 2- Now we have to deal with the bedding and the covers. Get few bedding sets with Sponge Bob characters, they are available at all home goods stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond. Make sure you have…

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  • The 3 Serious Mistakes You Should Avoid When Remodeling a Room

    The 3 Serious Mistakes You Should Avoid When Remodeling a Room

    There comes a time in everyone’s life when they would have to remodel a room or more in their houses. Remodeling a room is not easy. People become too excited and enthusiastic, or hesitant and wary about it that they commit few serious mistakes. We will tell you about some of the serious mistakes you might commit when remodeling a room so that you could avoid them. 1- First and worst mistake is impersonality. People are sometimes too afraid to display their character and preferences when remodeling a room. Just because a room looks like this in the magazine, or on some website does not mean you have to copy it to the tee. Show how this room is YOUR room. 2- Do you sometimes wonder why people buy white living room furniture when they have kids and pets playing a round dirtying everything in their way? The term I…

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  • 4 Fabulous Ideas for Livening Up a Barren Space

    4 Fabulous Ideas for Livening Up a Barren Space

    DO you sometimes feel that being in a certain room in your house makes you tired or gives you negative vibes? Do you think that how that room is decorated is the reason for that? (since it didn’t make you feel this tired before its decoration?) Read in this article how to transform the ambiance of any barren space you have with these fabulous ideas: 1- Use a refreshing paint color to your walls. Walls play a major part in whether a room looks fun or boring. Therefore, pick a new color for your walls. Try different shades on the same wall to enhance the effect. Remember that the same pieces of furniture can look different with different backgrounds. 2- Add an elegant touch to your space with classy decorations. If you are trying to remodel your living room, for example, use some elegant pieces to add a sophisticated atmosphere…

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  • Make Your Old Room Stunning in 10 Steps with Shabby Chic Decor

    Make Your Old Room Stunning in 10 Steps with Shabby Chic Decor

    Do you have an old room? Do you feel that its worn fabrics and the semi-hidden tears here and there look embarrassing? Do not worry. Armed with some creativity and these simple handy tips, you will make your old furniture sought antiques and your old room stunning with shabby chic decor in no time. 1- Main colors used for painting the walls of your shabby chic room are soft pastel colors. Choose wall paint in the colors of white (eggshell, Navajo white and Vanilla), soft pink ( queen and champagne pink) and blue (sky and Tiffany blue). 2- You will need slightly worn linens and covers. Try second hand stores or yard sales. You will find many tablecloths and linens that fit the qualifications. 3- For your floorings, look for carpets with floral pattern. You could also look for white wool rugs. It would be better if you could install…

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  • 6 Neat Tricks for Making Your Place Look Bigger

    6 Neat Tricks for Making Your Place Look Bigger

    People live in small places for a variety of reasons. It might be that they can only afford to live in such places. Or that their place is closer to their work, school, mall etc. Or that they like the cozy feeling of a small place. No matter what the reasons are, small places do not have to look narrow or confined. Here are some neat tricks for making your place look much bigger. 1- Fight the temptation of placing your furniture against the walls. I do not know if that is something in human nature because most people do it instinctively. Try to place furniture in the center of the room and you will feel that your room is much bigger. 2- If you have shelves (and you must do since you are living in a small place and need storage for many things) place them closer to the…

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  • 5 Ideal Reasons to Have a Pine Bunk Bed in your Children’s Room

    5 Ideal Reasons to Have a Pine Bunk Bed in your Children’s Room

    Choosing children’s beds used to give fathers and mothers many headaches. Especially if they want a bed that can last their kids sleeping as they grow. We all know that what parents always want and what their kids want is two different matters. We consider that the pine bunk bed is very serviceable and it might be the best option for both of them. There are some reasons to have the pine bunk bed for your kids’ room, we will show it in those points:- 1- The pine bunk bed makes your kids bedroom appear larger, because it gives the room more space. That extra space your children need. 2- You know what the meaning of putting two youngsters in one room, so if you get a really stable pine bed there is no reason to worry about your kids. It also has a ladder to make climbing to the…

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  • 4 Things You Have to Consider When Decorating Any Room in Your House

    4 Things You Have to Consider When Decorating Any Room in Your House

    Some of us have a natural talent when it comes to decorating a room, and some others are not so lucky to have it. Those who have it know innately that there are some things you should do to bring out the best of your room. They also know how to make their ideas reality simply. I will tell you a few things you should always consider when decorating any room in your house. 1- Your place must reflect your personality. When someone visits you, they must think that it is like you to decorate your place this way. Think about things you like or do not like. What fabrics do you prefer? What colors do you love? Do not be tempted by magazine pictures or TV commercials to buy things you do not really love or prefer. Keep what you like in mind and decorate your place based on…

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  • 4 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Carpet for Your Living Room

    4 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Carpet for Your Living Room

    One of the most common accessories you choose to add a sleek touch to your living room is carpets. This an important matter as people usually do not know what to choose so they end up buying the most appealing but least expensive carpet they find in a home improvement store. The end of this story is obvious. The carpet will be put out of sight or sold for half of its price. Here are a few things you should know so that does not happen. 1- What size is your room? This a question you have to expect from the salesman. You have to take some measurements and know how much space you want your carpet to cover. Wrong measurements mean ruining your living room look. 2- How much action will your carpet endure? If you are living alone, or no one is going to use the living room…

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  • 3 Important Elements You Have to Consider before Decorating Your Room

    3 Important Elements You Have to Consider before Decorating Your Room

    Decorating your living room is neither an easy nor a trivial matter. People usually are called messy because they have made few bad choices considering their living room colors and furniture, and when guests see these choices or their effects they label a certain family slobby or messy. You have to take some things into consideration if you are planning to decorate your living room. Here they are: 1- The size of the room is the most important factor in your living room design planning. Dependant on the size, your choice of furniture will be varied. You might have to settle for a couch, a coffee table or an ottoman and a TV set. On the other hand, you might have enough space to get more things and put few ornaments and end tables here and there. 2- Another factor you have to consider when decorating your living room is…

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  • 7 splendid Ideas to Create a Blue ElephantThemed Nursery for your Newborn Child

    7 splendid Ideas to Create a Blue Elephant-Themed Nursery for your Newborn Child

    New parents and experienced parents always try to make the most wonderful nursery for their newborn child. They may spend hours and hours to decide which trend they want in their new baby’s nursery room. Some parents prefer modern nurseries and others go with themed nurseries. We will talk about the themed nursery, especially blue elephant-themed nursery. This theme is very suitable for boys and girls. You can create a blue elephant nursery using these simple ideas. 1- Using shades of gray and white with light blue elephants make your baby’s nursery a cheerful and popular spot for your child. 2- Wooden furniture with a white finish matches beautifully with the elephant-themed nursery. So you can get the changing table and the other furniture in this finish. 3- Choose your baby’s bedding in a fabric that fits with the elephant theme. 4- To complete the theme, add some complement accessories…

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  • 3 Great Storage Ideas for Your Kids Rooms

    3 Great Storage Ideas for Your Kids Rooms

    Kids love to learn by trying, playing and experimenting. Therefore, it is to be expected that they will create mess and clutter and that the aftermath of their learning will result in chaos in their rooms. Therefore, you have to think about fun and crafty storage ideas that will help your kids develop some love for organizing things and keeping them clean. Here are some of these ideas. 1- Your kids must have many toys. Therefore, they must have a toy box for these toys. Why don’t you attach wheels to that box so that they could easily drag it behind them when they collect their toys? They will enjoy the smooth movement and the easiness with which they collect their toys. Before long, collecting stuff and making things neat will become a habit for them. 2- If your kids are old enough to read then you could install shelves…

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  • How to Liven up your Rooms by Decorating Your Walls

    How to Liven up your Rooms by Decorating Your Walls

    When you try to renovate the decor of your room, consider changing the color design of your walls as a basic step. The patterns and colors on your walls and how it looks in general plays a huge part in changing the atmosphere of the room and lifting the mood of the people in it. Here we will give you a few hints on how to change the ambiance of your rooms by giving your walls a new look. We should talk first on how to choose suitable colors for your room. The colors should match and complement the colors of your furniture. For example, if you are thinking of renewing the colors on your kitchen walls, choose tiles. They are easy to clean and can give your kitchen a clean relaxing look. Choosing a new design when painting your walls needs great care because it will change the look…

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  • 3 Great Ideas for Double-Purpose Rooms

    Great Ideas for Double-Purpose Rooms

    Do you live in a small apartment and just have the need to do many things but feel that neither the space nor the setting helps you do the things you have in mind? Do you feel trapped by the small space and need some out of the box ideas to help you make the most of this small space? Well, do not worry because we will tell you some great ideas for making some of your rooms double purposed. 1- A living room could also be a guest room. So when you have a guest who has come from somewhere faraway and is staying over, and you do not want to get kicked out of your bed, why don’t you change your living room into a comfortable guest room? There are now sofa beds and sleeper sofas available that can serve the purpose of both sleeping and sitting. You…

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  • Learn the Magical Trick of Finding Hidden Storage in Every Room

    Learn the Magical Trick of Finding Hidden Storage in Every Room

    everyone tends to gather a lot of things over the years. Eventually we run out of storage places regardless of the size of our homes. So we have to think of new ideas and places to store our things. There are many hidden places in our rooms in which we can store things. First of all, we must categorize our rooms according to their use and our lifestyle. We can place two ottomans next to each other in the living room and they will provide us with a nice coffee table and a good storage place to store magazine and remote controls and other stuff that usually lay around in a living room. We can use filing cabinets or round unfinished tables to as a hidden storage place and cover them with a nice tablecloth. They are inexpensive and practical, and they reduce clutter and make your place look delightful…

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  • 3 Great Ideas for Dividing Spaces Stylishly in a Loft

    3 Great Ideas for Dividing Spaces Stylishly in a Loft

    Do you live in a loft? Have you rented or bought your loft based on the assumption that the open space is all you need, just to be shocked with the bitter reality of the difficult problem of keeping privacy? Do you find it hard to balance between maintaining privacy and keeping the place stylish? Well do not worry because we will offer you some great ideas for dividing spaces in your loft. 1- Pick a suitable theme for each area. Picking the right theme is the most important step in remodeling any room whether it was your kids’ bedroom, your home office or your kitchen. If you decide a certain theme, decorating the space will be much easier. You could – for example – go for minimalist design for your living room space or a spaceship theme for your son’s bedroom. 2- Choose dividers that suit your room. You…

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