• kid’s room – How to manage the organisation and storage

    kid’s room – How to manage the organisation and storage

    How to manage the organisation and storage in a limited space kid’s room, Limited space is falsely considered as an issue for house owners. We all love spacious houses like the ones we see on television, however not all of us have this kind of space. This is exactly why we should practice space management which, in return, will teach us that havens come in all sizes. If you are having the same problem with your kid’s room, just remember ‘kids are already small’. To start of executing the tricks offered to you by design experts, take accurate measurements of the kid’s room and play it as a game with them. So, now our goal is to furnish this room smartly and lovely. We need to avoid cluttering the room and at the same time have sufficient storage areas for their toys, books and other stuff. So the question is…

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  • How to Keep the Playroom Beautifully Well-organized

    How to Keep the Playroom Beautifully Well-organized

    Instead of stumbling over the scattered toys in your kids’ playroom and constantly scolding them about it in vain, try those strategies of storage that will take neither much effort nor budget. For starters, the playroom should be divided into several sections according to the kids’ activities. For example, save a corner for computer games, the other one for reading, writing and taking naps, other corner for art projects, and another one for the puzzles and other activities. And in each section, manage to have cube shelving and baskets for storing the toys and items that belong to each activity. This doesn’t need a huge room to be achieved and it will teach your kids organizational skills and some important values. Label each toy storage bin by category and place those bins in the bottom shelves to be easily accessible. Make sure that tall shelves are anchored to the wall.…

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  • Creative Ways to Maximize your Space

    Creative Ways to Maximize your Space

    When designing your new small apartment, the main problem that would face you may be the shortage of space. You will need adequate space to place your furniture and to hide any possible clutter at any room. Here are some tips to maximize your space and make use of every inch in your small apartment. The activities made in your living room will need many furniture items and create more clutters. So, you will need to make a lay out to define a certain space for every item of furniture making your ultimate use of the corners. The corner cabinet can hold your TV with its belongings or it could be used as storage space for your staff or clutters. You may use light furniture as possible as you can. The glass and slim looking furniture will give spacious look to the room. You can make use of the vertical…

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  • Decorative Area Rugs – Focal Point

    Decorative Area Rugs – Focal Point

    Covering your floor seems to be a normal routine that should be done to avoid slipping on the cold floor. If this is your idea about the usage of rugs; you will need to read this article to change your way of thinking, in addition to the way of covering your floor. Having an area rug in every room of your pretty home is an elegant way to show up a unified focal point in the whole home. You can find a rectangle, a square, or a round area rug to match the look of your room. To create a focal point area rug, you will need to arrange the main furniture items to take the shape of your rug. For instance, you can arrange your seating sofas and chairs as a large circle with a coffee table in the middle and area rug under the table and the front…

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  • A Feng Shui study room

    A Feng Shui study room

    A Feng Shui study room…how do you find that? A study room is a great idea to help your kid highten his sense of purpose. So, if you decide to make a study room for your little ones, why not make it with style. The style we picked for you today is the Feng Shui style, it is a fact that few kids know about a good taste and it is great to start teaching them in an early age. Since the room is now going to be styled as a Feng Shui study room, now it is time to choose a good room for it and take accurate measurements. Try picking a room that is a bit deserted in the house, as it will the perfect chance for concentration not to have many people to pass by this room. Now, take the measurements of the room and make sure…

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  • How to freshen up a boring room!

    How to freshen up a boring room?!

    Sometimes you might just feel that you want a fresh new look for your house but your not up to a complete renovation or redecoration, then what should you do in such a case? Either to give up which is not the spirit you should have regarding the look of your home, or you can innovative. The kind of innovation we are talking about is buying a thing that will make it look like you had a remodeling expert redesign your house. A very flexible item you can have fun with and add sophistication to the whole look of the house, got it yet? Curtains. The good thing about curtains is that they come in wide varieties that will allow you to relax while choosing as you will not have to settle for less than the best option that suits your budget. Now, it is time to choose the best…

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  • Multifunctional bunk beds for kids room

    Multifunctional bunk beds for kids room

    A fancy and multifunctional important item that would be ideal for your kids room with a limited apace is a bunk bed . Contemporary bunk beds are far different than the traditional bunk beds, nowadays bunk beds come in different shapes and colors that will impress your child no matter what are his/ her interests are you will surely find a design that will make sleeping something to look forward to for your child . Safety and comfort must be kept into considerations when looking to purchase a bunk or loft bed . Safety come in the first place , most bunk beds for kids come with long enough borders to keep your child safe during sleeping , bunk beds are provided with ladder attached to them and often a slide as well which will be more fun . The comfort of a bunk bed mainly depend on the mattress…

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  • Inexpensive Ways to Decorate your Kid’s Room

    Inexpensive Ways to Decorate your Kid’s Room

    Just because you have a tight budget, doesn’t mean your kid’s room feels dull. There are many cheap ways to make your kid’s room unique. With a little creativity, a kid’s room can be transformed without spending a fortune, just keep reading: To cheer up your kid’s room, consider decorating it in the colors of the cartoon or television show then add some borders or stickers of the characters portrayed. Keep in mind that your kid’s bedding should match the room colors. Bright orange and yellow are amazing colors for a girl’s room. Using stickers can turn your kid’s room into a wonderful place without breaking the bank. For your girl’s room, stickers in shades of pink and purple are the best. For your little boy’s room, sports stickers can make his room the one of its kind. It can also be fun to show an assortment of sports equipment…

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