Sensational Scrapwood Furniture

Scrapwood furniture refers to furniture that is made from discarded wooden pallets and recycled wood. It is considerably easy to make and is environment friendly. Instead of cutting trees for new furniture and burning or discarding wood we can reuse it in making this furniture. Here we will talk a little about making and maintaining furniture made of recycled wood.

You can find old lumber for making scrapwood furniture anywhere. Warehouses- for example- get a lot of pallets when they get produce in large quantities. These pallets are made of very strong wood. As the saying goes you should make their garbage your treasure and use this wood in making sturdy beautiful pieces of furniture while spending very little in the process.

There are few steps that you should follow when making furniture of pallets or recycled wood. First of all, you have to decide carefully on what type of furniture you are going to make, and search for a good plan for it in books or on internet. Read the instructions in the plan carefully before you buy the required material. After buying everything you need, cut the wood to the size mentioned in the plan. Put the wooden pieces together using the fasteners specified in the plan. Follow the instructions to the tee because even the smallest mistake could ruin your work. Finally, round off the sharp edges using sandpaper then paint or stain the piece. These self-made pieces of furniture brighten up your place and are fun to make.

You don’t need professional help to paint or stain the new piece of furniture. Test the stain by putting it on a hidden part of the furniture, then test it on a different area and notice the effect. When staining wood you can use three things: pigment, carrier, and dye. The carrier determines if the stain is either oil-based or water-based. Pigments- heavier ones in particular- settle at the bottom of the can, so shake the can well before using the pigment. If you find blotching when you test the paint you may then need to use a wood conditioner. So apply wood conditioner for 15 minutes at least before staining and make sure to apply it generously. Put the stain in an even motion using a staining pad or a brush and wipe the excess stain after few minutes. Then let it dry overnight. These are the basics of staining scrapwood furniture.

Maintaining furniture prolongs its life. You can increase the longevity of the furniture by polishing it annually with wax and polishing oils. Wax polish is hard, but it is your best choice. You can also polish furniture at home using a mixture of lemon and olive oils. These are few of many things you could do to maintain your furniture.

Making furniture of scrapwood is a fun and environment friendly hobby. It will lessen the numbers of trees cut for making furniture. The results are also worth your while.
Sensational Scrapwood Furniture

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