Shabby chic design to get an elegant and welcoming kitchen

Your kitchen has to be decorated well with a lot of care about its functionality and welcoming elegant look. If you seek a charming kitchen look with your budget, you may go for a shabby chic kitchen design.
Here we begin the journey to know more about the shabby chic kitchen style.

The shabby chic kitchen becomes now a popular design which means comfortable, worn, high quality, and a timeless elegance with a good taste. This style origin was back to the mid-twentieth century which was popular in the traditional English and French large country houses. This style is the real meaning of the greatness and beauty of a bygone era.

How to create this elegant and simple shabby chic design in your kitchen? The first element to consider is the kitchen colors. This style is characterized by the light shades of colors, and the most popular colors are white, cream or off white, plus the very pale hue of colors like soft greens, pale blues, pale yellows or muted beiges. Some other people may prefer to install wallpaper so to apply this shabby chic style with wallpaper a muted floral pattern will be the best for you.

The next item to consider is the kitchen furniture; the shabby chic kitchen furniture is considered as the most practical and versatile one in the history of interior designs. It adds character to the kitchen where it placed. Before purchasing your shabby chic furniture, you need to take the right measurements and your necessary items from the cabinetry, extra shelves, table and chairs to your guest, appliances and even the accessories.

The kitchen cabinets and other furniture to match the shabby style have to be with a white paint finish, the wooden items are preferred because they are durable and affordable too. Take care about your furniture hardware that it is supposed to have a glass or vintage ceramic knobs. While the flooring could follow two ways according everyone taste; it could be wooden floor too, or if you can go for a rustic tile. To complete the shabby look don’t forget to have your little country garden.
design to get an elegant and welcoming kitchen

Shabby chic design to get an elegant and welcoming kitchen

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