Small Home

Small Home
  • Amazing Modern Modular Furniture for your Small Home

    Amazing Modern Modular Furniture for your Small Home

    The modular furniture piece can serve more than one or two purposes as it can change its function and form. Such furniture will increase the functionality of your home and save your space; so they will be your best choice in your small home. This article will give you a few options to the space saving modular furniture pieces. The modular three seating couch can be used as a regular couch with two hands, but when you have more than three people, you can separate the hands to serve as two additional chairs and the couch will turn to be a chaise lounge. The switch sofa is another creative option that can be changed to be a cushion with a chevron inspired motif. The compound sectional sofa has upholstered chair units and curved supportive frames that can be extended to create al L or U shapes and can be incorporated…

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  • The furniture variety to enhance the small spaces look and feel

    The furniture variety to enhance the small spaces look and feel

    In this hard economic atmosphere, the most of people now has to move into small houses which fit their budget for their living place. So they may think that it is too hard to decorate your small area in a stylish and warm way. But these thoughts might be wrong because with the modern designs and manufacturers there are a wide variety of options to select your needed decorative and functional items. Let’s begin a quick journey around the various designs available and how to design your small spaces with few tips. Above all, the number one basic trick of a smart decoration is to choose the right color for your walls and items. For the walls, you should consider a light shade of color with maybe if you want a darker hue of the same color in a specific corner or wall to add depth for your area. There…

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  • Make your dream kids room with innovative beds for small space

    Make your dream kids room with innovative beds for small space

    Furnishing a kid room is a fun task. It can probably be little hard to decorate your child room with his/her own taste and with saving more space for him/her to play. The master piece in the kid’s bed room is the bed so you should the best bed to grant your child with comfortable and enjoyable feel. There are many various beds style which can suit your kid’s personality and the narrow room space as well. The captain beds are perfect choice for child and they have more storage space as well. So they match well with the kids who have many stuff. They also inspired from the sea as theme therefore they will be so adorable for kids who love pirates or anything related to the sea. Now trundle bed is so ideal for the kid’s room, it is so functional and cozy bed. It is unique and…

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  • Interior Design Ideas for Small Living Room

    Interior Design Ideas for Small Living Room

    Living in a small home or apartment does not mean that you cannot have a stylish and comfortable home and that you fell limited when it comes to options of designing your home. There are several ideas that you can use to make your home, particularly your living room, look larger and also make use of every space you got. Here are some of these ideas. Choose soft and light colors on the walls, such as light blue, yellow, and other pastels. They will make your small space look bigger. The same goes for the flooring, choosing light hardwood for the floors will look great in a small space and it will beautifully match with your light-colored walls. However, if you live in a rented house or in an apartment where you are cannot change your flooring, then apply the same principle on the carpets. Choose carpets that are in…

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  • Designing a Small living room – Small home interior design

    Designing a Small living room – Small home interior design

    Designing a small living room might be challenging and interesting at the same time. So make sure that you plan well before executing, and always keep in mind that an interior designer or a re-designer advice can be useful. Internet, T.V. shows and magazines can be helpful as well. When you have a small living room it is really important to keep it as simple as possible. Obviously space is the main factor to be considered while designing. However, that should not prevent you from using contemporary aspects such as rich colors and unique furniture pieces. A large mirror for example will give a great feeling of an extended area. Using creative lighting methods might also reflect the same result. Accessories are a very decisive matter when designing a small living room, walls should be almost clear of them while you can add some attractive accessories to the corners or…

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  • Space-Saving Furniture for Small Homes

    Space-Saving Furniture for Small Homes

    Just because you have a small home, doesn’t mean you have less stuff. We produce you practical & space-saver furniture designs for small Interiors. Purchasing furniture with storage space is an ideal solution for you. The living room space-saver furniture ideas: Since the living room serves many purposes so there are a various amount of items that are in need of storage. Coffee tables with multiple drawers can accommodate a lot of items as you can store CDs and DVDs in one drawer and put away books inside another. Try to mount your TV on the wall. This idea will provide you extra space. Sofa beds that have extra storage under the seating for blankets, pillows and seasonal clothing are great for your small room. Kitchen space-saver furniture ideas: Most of our activities are done in the kitchen so it is an important place of the home. To get more…

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  • Sliding Wall Designs for Modern Small Homes

    Sliding Wall Designs for Modern Small Homes

    Motorizing your modern apartment walls is an innovative idea that can easily create a multifunctional space. You can find such motorized wall panels in different finishes, materials, and colors to blend with your home decor. Creating several rooms in one space become a prevalent concept because most of the modern apartments tend to be small. To solve this problem, you can design an open plan house and sacrifice your privacy and the clean look in the place. However, you can spend more money and purchase wall sliding panels to organize your home in an entirely new way. You may need to purchase special furniture pieces such as folding and multifunctional items to help you create a spacious look in the place. For example, the folding or hanged bed will be help you create that space saving look, as the bed will be mounted to the wall or raised to the…

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  • Small Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

    Small Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

    Designing a new bathroom is very important whether you are renovating or re-designing it, so take your time and make your search so you will be satisfied with the results. There are so many things you should consider while designing your bathroom. A great place to start your research is to focus on the overall look and atmosphere that you want to create in your bathroom. Another thing you should consider is plumbing as it can be expensive if you need to move plumbing from one side of the house to another. What you should also consider while designing your bathroom is whether you want a separate bath tub from shower, or do you need to put the shower over the tub? There are many types and sizes of bath tubs that you can choose from, such as vintage look claw foot bath or modern stand-alone tubs. Storage is also…

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  • Get a modular kitchen design for your small kitchen area

    Get a modular kitchen design for your small kitchen area

    As the kitchen is the heart of every home and it also is the busiest room. You need to get a suitable kitchen design in your kitchen to enjoy your daily tasks and be happy with it. Gone are the days where you are worried about how will you create a stylish and functional kitchen design in your small space. In this article, you will be satisfied with our recommended design for your small space. You will get your dream kitchen look within your limited area and with your favorite items too. What is this design and why we especially recommended it? It is the modular kitchen which will be ideal for small spaces and will provide it with the functionality you need with a beautiful look. The modular kitchen design is all about the well planning, useful wise use and beautiful look. In other words, the modular kitchen offers…

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  • small bathroom interior design ideas

    Small Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

    Before updating your bathroom there are many considerations involved in your planning. Despite the idea that updating your bathroom is easy because you have your toilet, tub, and your sink. The truth is that, decorating a bathroom is more difficult than it seems if you actually care for interior design ideas. Make your plan and focuses on the overall look that you want to create. Small ideas for updating the bathroom design: • New Lighting: Renewing lighting adds a brilliant touch to your new bathroom. Mix different types of lighting such as simple ceiling light, lighting in the shower and create a night light. • Determine whether you want small changes or a total makeover: If you decide to just make small changes, this will cost you less money than the other choice. • Faucets: faucet, which seems like an artistic design is an affordable addition that will keep your…

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  • 10 Design Tips for Small Bedrooms

    10 Design Tips for Small Bedrooms

    Get rid of your worries concerning a small bedroom. A small bedroom is not a curse. With the right interior design, a smaller-sized bedroom can appear much larger than it actually is. We will present you 10 design tips for small bedrooms. These tips will surly help you to make the most of your small space: 1- To prevent overcrowding in your small bedroom, you have to opt for furniture that is appropriately sized for your bedroom. 2- If you decided to buy new furniture for your small bedroom then, nothing can beat wardrobe which has enough space as it can keep all your daily essentials. 3- You have to make full use of the vertical space in your small bedroom, in order to achieve that, all you need is loft-style bed. Keep in mind with a loft bed, you can create a sitting area in the room or include…

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  • Spectacular Storage Ideas for Your Small Home

    Spectacular Storage Ideas for Your Small Home

    The lack of storage spaces can be the principal challenge in your small home. That is why you should be creative in choosing and creating unique storage spaces to organize your home clutter and display your decorative items in a unique way. If your home includes internal stairs even if they are just one or two steps, you will have a great chance to create a spacious storage space underneath. For example, you can install shelves or cabinets under the staircases leading from a floor to another to store your clothes, books, or shoes. You can keep the space free to store unused items or even use the space as a laundry room,ahome office, or a small kitchen. You will just need to take the right measurements and define your exact needs before you begin the project. It will be a great idea to customize drawers under the steps of…

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  • Interior design ideas for small homes

    Interior design ideas for small homes

    The advancement of modern life is surely pleasing or else it wouldn’t have happened. However, advancement in home designing usually takes place in small homes in order to match the increasing population and the economical situation. Small home owners, just like all home owners, should have the ability to chill out inside their home without feeling imprisoned inside. The best way to reach this goal is to make use of practical interior design ideas for small homes. Interior design ideas for small homes consist of several factors including the design of the walls and the flooring; colors of each wall; and the furniture placed in different rooms of the small home. You can begin with wall design ideas like installing big windows where it would be applicable. The window option is probably not acceptable in rented homes. Hence, you can place a wall mural with natural scenery on one wall…

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  • The Positive Effect of Light upon Your Small Space by Paula McDonald

    The Positive Effect of Light upon Your Small Space by Paula McDonald

    The effective way to solve your small space problems is to renovate your home and create an additional room or enlarge the existing rooms. However, this is an expensive and hard-to-apply option; so, you will use alternative ideas such as additional storage spaces, light colors, and lighting options. Here are a few ideas to enlarge the visual look of your small space using various lighting options. The natural light is usually the dominant lighting option in both of the sunny and cold countries. In your small space, the large windows, small windows with light shades, and even skylights are perfect sources of natural light. If you can’t install a large window in every room, it will be a great idea to remodel the place and create an open designed home just like most of Manhattan apartments designed by Paula McDonald design team. The LED lighting bulbs create an innovative technology…

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  • Several Great ideas to solve the Problem of Narrow Spaces

    Several Great ideas to solve the Problem of Narrow Spaces

    Your home is small or narrow? surely this problem encounters a lot of us , let us learn how to organize and rearrange it .Of course, first thing you need to think about is to get small pieces of furniture instead of big ones for your place. Only keep that which is absolutely necessary, also you must keep in mind the design of furniture. We will show in this topic some solutions that will help you solve the problem of small rooms : 1- Of course the bed is an essential piece for the bedroom. It must be simple so that fits the room, or use a modern style bed due because of its simplicity and Elegance. Also, you can use wall bed Because it provides you with space, or use a sofa bed. 2- wardrobes and cabinets : use slender wardrobe , and if possible get a bed with…

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  • Creative Tips to Make the Most of a Small Space

    Creative Tips to Make the Most of a Small Space

    Nowadays, many apartments tend to be smaller than before and this make people feel that it is hard to make this small space looks beautiful as the large ones. But in fact, you can make your small space look elegant and attractive if you decorate it in the right way. And in order to make your task much easier, we will go through some tips that you should follow to make the most of your small space. • Re-consider the available space you have before buying anything. The small space you have can’t accommodate all the items you desire to have, so you should consider buying only the essential items. • Always consider buying multifunctional pieces of furniture such as an ottoman that can be used as a coffee table and that has storage inside it, an occasional seat for the living area, an additional seat for the dining table.…

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  • Smart and Tricky Ideas to Provide More Space in Small Apartments

    Smart and Tricky Ideas to Provide More Space in Small Apartments

    Small apartments, nowadays, become popular and the only option for many of us. As we live in hard economic days these small homes are the best choice ever to have a modest standard of living. As a result, there are many tricks and smart ideas to make your small home look spacious and to be able to have your dream look. This mission of decorating a small home is all about tricking the eyes that you have a spacious place. So, you need to take advantage of every single space you have to do this mission. Let’s begin the tricky mission to transform your small apartment into a beautiful oasis that looks spacious and functional too. Color does matter!! You have to choose the wall colors wisely you should avoid dark colors. A neutral scheme is perfect to make your home look bright and to add a pop of colors…

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  • Some useful ideas to organize your small spaces

    Some useful ideas to organize your small spaces

    Do you live in a small house? Do you feel stressed because of the tight area? This problem will not be an issue anymore. Read this article you will get useful ideas for how to organize your small rooms perfectly and elegantly. Above all, there an important thing to consider is your budget as you should set your budget before starting your décor project. Then, let’s begin this funny journey to decorate your small rooms. First of all, take a look here and there to get more information and inspirations about the latest trends available in the today’s market of 2016 and to check online the homes’ photos to get a satisfaction that your small space will be amazing like these photos. A color scheme is a significant feature to consider which changes the overall look and makes a great different if you choose the right ones. Warm and subtle…

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  • Smart Ideas for Small Apartments

    Smart Designing Ideas for Small Apartments

    The first rule you need to follow when you design a small apartment is to keep the clutter to a minimum. When you choose the painting colors, always go for the bright colors like white, light sand, butter yellow, pastel peach and beige, because these colors will help to give the place the feeling of an extra space. Choosing the furniture pieces for small apartments will be a little bit different, because you need to look for the pieces that take small spaces and contain enough storage places. For example, when you choose your living room set, make sure to buy a sofa with a storage place or that converts to a bed if you need additional sleeping places. Look for the coffee tables that have drawers to store your books and magazines in and follow the same steps when you choose your bedroom set. Always place the furniture pieces…

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  • Some useful ideas for small spaces by using Furniture Solutions

    Some useful ideas for small spaces by using Furniture Solutions

    In this economic climate, not all the people have a good chance to live inside a large apartment. In many cases, they are restricted to live in small spaces or even studios “flat”. This may make everyone feel depressed and they may not know how to design it perfectly. In this article, we aim to offer some ideas to help you being happy even with your small apartment. For small spaces, it is all about storages and how to organize your items wisely. There are some incredible solutions for every room inside your home, from living rooms, bedrooms to kitchens and bathrooms. A bathroom when being small you may feel dissatisfied, but with few items, you can organize it well and feel happy. Vanity units are one of the solutions for you bathroom to keep it functional, usable and beautiful. These units will allow you to organize your items used…

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