Stylish and Sustainable Rattan Furniture

Rattan is a long vine of plants found mainly in the tropical places in Africa and Australia. It is a durable, relaxing, and light-weighted material that could live for fifty years or more. Rattan could be used as indoor and outdoor furniture to give your home and garden a charming tropical look.

Rattan outdoor furniture is very sustainable and stylish. Because rattan is a natural material, it gives a harmonious look to your garden. You can buy rattan table, chairs, parasols, lounges, armchairs, dining sets, and bench sets for your outdoor garden. You will like this kind of furniture because it is soft, light, and straight forward. It is taken from the stem of the rattan plant that could be painted and recycled easily. This way, rattan can add excellent and gorgeous look to your garden.

Like any natural material, you have to give a great attention to the rattan furniture. Try to keep the rattan furniture items away from rain and sun light. These are the two principle enemies of the rattan material because it becomes flexible when it is heated and hardened when it is cooled. You will need to keep it clean and dry to avoid the dampness which leads to the growth of mold. You can achieve this task using dry and soft towel daily and a mild soup solution once a week.

Nowadays, manufacturers can do almost any design of rattan furniture using weaver technique. You can search for the organic or synthetic kinds of rattan to use as a breakfast nook or dining furniture or to place it in your pool sides to have your own tropical charm. Rattan furniture is strongly built, but easy to be assembled; so, you may think about having rattan living room’s sofa, chairs, or rocking chair. Rattan can match the design and color, because it could be found in brown, Prussian bronze or classic black.
Stylish and Sustainable Rattan Furniture

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