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    Stunning Focal Point Designs by AB Design Elements, LLC

    Stunning Focal Point Designs by AB Design Elements, LLC

    Are you looking for creative and professional ideas for the interior design of your new custom home or vacation home or innovative ideas to renovate your existing home? It will be helpful to define your needs and browse the sites of several skillful designers to define the outlines of the project. As a creative and collaborative team, the AB Design Elements, LLC are able to remodel the kitchen and living space of the Paparelli residence cleverly. They use stainless steel appliances, gypsum board backsplashes, an integrated cooktop, vent hood, high-tech refrigerator with a touch screen, and a Corian island top. The sleek cabinet-finish and under cabinet lights along with gypsum tile backsplashes provide such a functional kitchen a creative look. The living space has an accent focal point wall with a fireplace and neutral colored walls, accessories and seating area. The designers place a touch of color on the fireplace…

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