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    African Safari Kitchen Curtain Ideas

    African Safari Kitchen Curtain Ideas

    Your African safari curtain will give your kitchen a dynamic and creative look to help you cook and prepare delicious food in a cheerful atmosphere. Such a curtain can be designed according to the amount of light you need and the size of your kitchen to meet your functional and decorative needs. The color of your African safari curtain should blend with the colors used for the walls and fixtures of your kitchen.You can get a golden, brown, rust, burnt orange or sage curtain with bamboo style rods to enhance the look of your safari theme kitchen. These curtains may have animals, palm trees, or jungle trees prints. If you want to feel that your safari kitchen belongs to you, you can sew white and black lines to resemble the handcrafted zebra spots.You can balance the animal prints with green and yellow hand painted curtains to let your kitchen breathe.…

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