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    Innovative Strategies to Arrange Your Living Room's Furniture Inspired from Shari Misturak Projects

    Innovative Strategies to Arrange Your Living Room’s Furniture Inspired from Shari Misturak Projects

    “Making the space appear a lot extra loose is just not easy,” said Shari Misturak of IN Studio and Co Interiors, who will share you her precious and innovative ideas to arrange your living room furniture pieces. If you think that you can simply place a large sofa with a couple of armchairs, ottomans, a coffee table, an end table, and a bookcase beside one another to get a professional look. Yet, you should use a certain furniture arrangement strategy that will match your living room size and style in addition to your own lifestyle. For example, if you have a sunny living room with lots of windows, you can face chairs and sofa toward one another or toward the fireplace for warm conversations. The size of your living room will certainly effect the arrangement of its furniture. For example, you should use key seating pieces such as two sofas…

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    How to Arrange a White Living Room Correctly!

    How to Arrange a White Living Room Correctly?!

    If you like ‘white’ and want it to be your main and focal color in decorating your living room then brighten up because we got you the tips for it. The kind of tips you need lies behind the fact that white is pure but also snowy! Most of the time when people organise a white living room, they end up with cold and stark reality. Our goal here is to have your most beloved color without having to let go of the cosiness and warmth that a living room has by nature. So what do you need to do? Simply follow four steps and you will make the loveliest and whitest living room ever. These steps lie in the word ‘WALA’; that is wicker, antique, layering and accessories. The first thing you should involve is a type of furniture that will go well with the white color and give…

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    How to Arrange a Modern Living Room!

    How to Arrange a Modern Living Room?!

    If you want to change your living room decor and add a more personal touch and innate yet sophisticated vision into it, then you might want to try a new style other than those you have tried before. The thing is, you have to wipe clean the idea that modern is fashionable as modern is just another type or style of decoration, fashion and certainly thought. Modern living room, is it easy to achieve? Yes, but what do you know about modern decorations? Modern decor designs are known for their practicality and tendency towards favouring functionality which is a great quality in matters of furniture and decoration. When you try to execute a modern design you will have to consider using the basic colors like white, black, grey and cream. This is how practical a modern design should be, however, do not mix the modern look with the industrial look…

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