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    Achieving the Glamour of an Art Deco Bathroom

    Achieving the Glamour of an Art Deco Bathroom

    Since the gilt edged elegance of olden days and to our present day, art deco has been ruling the design world. It seems to never go out of fashion. Even when you pick a style that has nothing to do with art deco; you’d be surprised how it’s insistently disguised in many little nuances in that style – spicing it up gracefully. One of the most spaces that lends itself to Art Deco style these days are bathrooms. Art Deco bathroom features geometric angular shapes and abstract motifs, shiny glossy surfaces and black lacquer finishes, and many more characteristics that would eventually create a bathroom that exceed your topmost expectations. Read on for some inspiring ideas pertaining to that glamorous style. Black, white, and chrome were the typical color scheme used in the Art Deco bathrooms back in the 1920s. Alternatively you could go for brighter color patterns such as…

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