Basics of Living Room Color

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    The Basics of Living Room Color Choices for 2017 by Ruth Livingston

    The Basics of Living Room Color Choices for 2021 by Ruth Livingston

    Your childhood memories certainly include your old home with its white or blue wallpaper and bold colored horizontal striped curtains. Such memories shape your early experience with color before you discover the fixed colors such as blue sky and sea and green land. Now you can shape your kids’ view of life outside their own rooms defining the perfect color combination for your living room. The number of colors used in one room is a confusing decision, but you shouldn’t exceed five different colors in one room. However, you can use more than five different and balanced shades of green or brown to highlight the deep and sophisticated look of the place. At the same time, you can use just one color such as white, off-white, or cream along your living room along with accessories or pillows with a pop of color. There are fixed or optional color schemes that…

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