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    Fill Out your Bathroom with Victorian Style

    Fill Out your Bathroom with Victorian Style

    Victorian style typically features opulent regality and majestic luxury. Even though it focuses on intricate details and elegance, it manages to create a space where comfort and functionality are paramount. In fact, after ten years, a Victorian bathroom is guaranteed to still look as good as the day it was first fixed. One of the greatest approaches today is combining both contemporary and Victorian styles in one bathroom. If you don’t want to miss out on electronic gadgets and sleek items of the contemporary world, while still keeping the charm and warmth of the Victorian style, then this approach is ideal for you. In order to mix best of both styles subtly, you should define specific parts with specific styles. For example, you could go for a Victorian pedestal sink and a classic porcelain claw-footed tub alongside a sleek walk-in shower with LED tiny lights and waterfall taps. As for…

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