Benefits of insulating water pipes

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    What Can Happen if You Don’t Insulate Your Pipes?

    One thing people forget to do is insulate the water pipes running through their homes. People are happy knowing the pipes are there and that they are working but don’t think about much beyond that. The following will show you why insulation is important. Frozen Water Pipes Homeowners who live in areas where the temperature drops considerably need to install pipe insulation as soon as possible. The reason is that cold temperatures can have drastic effects on your pipes. Given enough time, the water within the pipes might freeze. When the water freezes, it begins to expand. No matter what kind of piping you have, this expansion is not good because it means your pipes could burst. This could happen suddenly and repairs can be quite costly, so it’s in your best interest to insulate your pipes. Unnecessary Heat Loss Your water heater works hard to make sure you get…

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