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    Creative Ways to Decorate a Blank White Wall

    Creative Ways to Decorate a Blank White Wall

    The blank wall in a functional room such as your kitchen or living room is a great chance to let you display your favorite items and show your personality before your visitors. Such decorative items will look marvelous and unique if the background is light or a white color. There are different ways to decorate a blank white wall according to the style and function of the room. The framed mirror and picture is a modern and traditional option alike, but the way of using them will differ. For example, the modern wall will need a simple portrait with two or three parts adjusted above a large furniture piece like the bed or sofa. Contrarily, the traditional framed picture will need an antique look with a golden or bronze frame. The framed mirror will be suitable in a bedroom, a dining room, or a bathroom. If you are eager to…

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