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    How to Clean your Stainless Steel Appliances

    How to Clean your Stainless Steel Appliances

    Your stainless steel appliances are resistant to rust and tarnish, but they need regular care and protection to last for long years.You have different method to clean your steel appliances according to their condition and age. Here are a few ways to clean such appliances effectively. The vinegar and oil are powerful elements to clean the fingerprints and water signs on your stainless steel appliances. All of what you need is to wipe the surface with a soft cloth and vinegar with the direction of the grain either horizontally or vertically. When all the spots are removed, you can use the oil to give the surface a shiny look. Cleaning your stainless steel appliances regularly will keep them clean all the time. If your stainless appliance is exposed to grease and fat, you can use more effective mild abrasive such as a paste of baking soda and water till the…

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