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    Creative Rustic Home Office Ideas by Collaborative Design

    Creative Rustic Home Office Ideas by Collaborative Design

    If you are a freelancer or a businessman who runs a part of his work from home, the home office will be a perfect idea. The size of this office depends on the available space and the number of customers you expect to receive. If you already have a rustic style home with outdoor natural views, you will certainly create a cozy and natural look in your new office. The main features of your rustic home office can be the large windows and natural materials and colors to provide the place an airy and organic look. In an office space, Weber Michael John and his team create a homey warm feel using vaulted ceiling, large windows, skylights, leather-covered sofas, and wool patterned area rug. The old-fashioned metal candleholders and light colors with dark and metallic accents enhance the rustic look of the place. The concept of contrast will enhance the…

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