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    The Top 10 Craziest Beanbag Designs

    The Top 10 Craziest Beanbag Designs

      Chairs are among the most vital pieces of furniture. Most of our daily chores – inside or outside the house – cannot be done without sitting on a comfortable chair. Therefore, when people buy a chair they seek more than looks and design, they seek comfort. Beanbags are considered by many the most comfortable chairs ever. However, that does not mean that their designs lack ingenuity, or even “craziness”. 1- Belit beanbag chair was designed by designer Aakanksha Rajhans. What is crazy about it is that it sparkles as a person sits on it. 2- The Snorlax beanbag chair was made by SmellenJR of Deviant ART as a Christmas gift. It looks like this giant stuffed animal that you could use for sitting and sleeping. 3- Have you ever wondered how does it feel to be eaten by a shark? At least Shark Attack beanbag design makes it look…

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