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    25 Creative Ways to Reuse an Old Photo Frame

    25 Creative Ways to Reuse an Old Photo Frame

    The old photo frames may clutter your home or consume a considerable space in your precious available space. Instead, it will be a great idea to paint the frame a suitable color to your home décor and use it as a functional or decorative piece. After fixing the defects of your old photo frame and giving it a new splash of color, you can utilize the frame as a functional piece as per its size and your needs. For example, the large frame can serve as a decorative headboard frame. You can fill such frame with a similar colored wooden panel or upholstered filling. The smaller frame with a decorative wooden panel can serve as a dessert tray or a small side table surface. Using special hooks or strings, you can use the old photo frame as a key holder, an accessible storage space for the useful menus and invitations,…

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