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    Curtain Design Ideas Applicable to your Living Room

    Curtain Design Ideas Applicable to your Living Room

    You might not have realized it just yet, but curtains you choose to install in your living room usually speak volumes of your personality. If you choose a chenille curtain with eclectic floral textures, it shows a noble personality that likes everything the gold old fashioned way. Likewise if you decide on a colorful curtain with geometrical prints, it presents you as a cheerful person who wants his entire house to reflect the same. It’s not only about some complementing colors on a curtain, even lengths and layers are of equal importance. In order to imbue your living room with a grandeur glamorous look, consider floor length curtains with rich fabrics such as velvet or silk. Also layers would help you in combining different colors in your living room which create a balanced and harmonic atmosphere. By making a contrast between layers, you’d add warm and cozy look to a…

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