Design a Walk-in Closet in Your Bedroom

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    How to Design a Walk-in Closet in Your Bedroom

    How to Design a Walk-in Closet in Your Bedroom

    Many homeowners usually go for expert help for design their walk-in closet, but it’s only virtually needed when you’re starting from the scratch. When you have to construct a room within a room, there’ll be walls that need to be finished, electricity to be wired, and a floor to be installed. That’s when professional help is required, but when all that’s left is a closet that needs to be designed, you can do the rest of the process yourself. First you should make a list of things you’d like to include in your closet such as seats, mirror, TV, flat-down ironing board, etc. When you plan the available space, try not to waste any footage squares. Install your shelves, cabinets, and drawers up to the ceiling and down to the floor. Frequently-used items should be eye-level, less-used around bottom, and least-used high on top. One way to utilize your closet…

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