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    The Art of Space, Design Tips and Tricks by Mary Cook

    The Art of Space, Design Tips and Tricks by Mary Cook

    Designing your home is a combination of following the rules and creating innovative and personal ideas. To create a balance between the two elements, you can define the inspiration, objective, and expected function at the planning stage and adjust the scale, color, patterns, and lighting accordingly. Just find the objective and inspiration of your home design and let the fun begin. Forget the formal dining and living rooms and opt for the flexible open space with well-chosen furniture that can stand-alone or divide the place into visually separated zones for easy transitions and supervision for your kids. You can still provide your kids a sense of privacy in their own rooms using shining colors and small-sized furniture along with large windows to enhance the open feel of the place. Think outside of the box and keep your home out-of-date with a collection of surprising hacks painted the same color of…

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