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    Styles of English Renaissance Antique Furniture

    Styles of English Renaissance Antique Furniture

    English antique furniture is versatile and rich. Antique pieces that date back to the Renaissance period (1458-1649) are extremely rare, valuable and highly demanded. The Renaissance Eraincludes early Tudor Furniture, later Tudor furniture (Elizabethan), Jacobean, and Commonwealth furniture. If you are a beginner or interested in having English antique furniture pieces, then have a look at this brief summary about the styles of English Renaissance antique furniture. Early Tudor Furniture (1485-1553): Early Tudor Furniture was prevalent during the reign of King Henry VII till the reign of Queen Mary. Since Oak was greatly used for early Tudor furniture, Tudor pieces were quite heavy and uncomfortable. Tudor furniture was inspired by the Medieval and gothic styles. Mainly, Tudor pieces vary between benches, chairs, beds, stools and dining tables. Late Tudor Furniture/ Elizabethan style (1558-1603): Tudor furniture flourished in the Elizabethan era. It is well known that designers at that time were…

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