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    Interior Design of Bathroom – Flooring, Walls and Furniture

    Interior Design of Bathroom – Flooring, Walls and Furniture

    Good-looking interior design can change a house/apartment from just another real state to a place worth being called home. Since bathrooms are used daily, perhaps several times a day, it is important to put careful consideration into their interior designs. Changing or renovating the interior design of a bathroom requires thought about both the functionality and the overall appearance. Here are some tips for designing bathrooms that is elegant and practical: Bathroom Flooring and Walls  The most apparent parts of any room interior designs are the flooring and the walls. In the case of bathrooms, space is often limited so choosing a bright color palette is common sight. Bathroom flooring is prone to getting wet all the time, so when choosing tiles make sure that it doesn’t hold water not to ruin the ground underneath. Cleaning is an important factor in bathroom interior design, so choose flooring and wall materials…

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