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    Add glamour to any room by nice lamp shades

    Add glamour to any room by nice lamp shades

    The light fixtures become now essential in every room design, they are not any more for decoration purpose only. Therefore the lighting mission has to be well planned to get effective item with gorgeous look. In this article we will provide guidelines to make your purchase of the lamp shades worthy enough. First you need to decide the room where you will install these lamp fixtures then the size and the position of the lamp shades, if it will be the general light “focal point”, accents “spots” or table lamp shades “dual functions”. Next phase after deciding these feature check your electrical system and choose the right wattage of the lamp shades. The normal lighting is to be between the averages more or less 50 watts. The table lamps for reading have to be no less than 150 watts. You should to be clever after installing the light fixtures and…

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