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    Innovative and Inspirational Window Cover Ideas by Gordon's Window Décor

    Innovative and Inspirational Window Cover Ideas by Gordon’s Window Decor

    Apart from the stylish and attractive look of your modern window blinds or shades, you can choose the window covering to provide you whatever function you need. Here are a few window decor options to help you define your exact needs. If you are eco-friendly, you will certainly admire the energy efficient insulating shades. Such shades come with rolling options to trap the leaking air between the glass and a black shade with metalized back and provide you privacy with see through features at the same time. You can adjust the insulating cellular shades to insulate your window blocking the solar heat and the convection current in summer and let you feel the outdoor light and views perfectly. The film adhered to the inside part of your window will let the safe solar power fill your home, block the ultraviolet Radiation, and adjust the amount of glare in the place.…

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