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    How to Design Contemporary Granite Kitchen Worktops

    How to Design Contemporary Granite Kitchen Worktops

    While cookers, fridges, and, maybe, sinks are similar in many kitchens, individual tastes can create the kitchen cabinetry in as many styles as possible. The magic word that leads to this plethora of styles is contrasting. A kitchen cabinet consists of a body, front, and worktop. Let the relation between these three parts be contrastive in terms of coloring, patterning, and materials. The best material that gives you as many patterns and colors as possible is granite, so it makes a popular use in kitchen worktops. Now, let’s tell you how to design your granite worktop in the context of the whole kitchen cabinetry. As for patterning, there is a sweeping trend towards the contemporary kitchen that restores the retro feel of curving. You can curve the fronts of drawer units, ends of kitchen islands, and handles of all your drawers. To get a whole retro feel, you can get…

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