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    Green and Brown Living Room Decor

    Green and Brown Living Room Decor

    Brown is a very warm color to have in your living room. Brown is the color for security and stability and it is also a sophisticated color. You can use different shades of brown like beige, light tan, and subdued mocha. If you want your living room to look smaller, paint it brown. Your walls and furniture should be in different shade of brown so you can make a contrast between them. In order for you to balance your brown-colored walls, you should consider factors like the size, color, and arrangement of your furniture. For example, if the walls are of light brown hues, choose chocolate-brown furniture and vice versa. Note that the maximum number of brown shades you can choose for your living room is three. For example, you can mix light brown, medium brown, and dark brown. Moreover, if you want to have another color for your furniture,…

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