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    Go green and have a healthy bedroom design

    Go green and have a healthy bedroom design

    We spend a lot of time inside our bedroom, where it is the place to have a good rest, so we should care of its design. The bedroom is required a healthy design to enable us to get deep rest so going for a green bedroom is the solution. The ordinary bedroom painting contains many of toxins that you could smell during your sleep time and affect on your health. And also the ordinary bed materials are made with fire retardant chemicals. Here are some tips to consider while designing your green healthy bedroom to have a sanctuary that makes you comfortable and have a deep sleep: First you should buy comfortable, and toxin-free bed, you have to look for bed made from natural materials produced organically such as Cotton, wool, natural latex and horsehair. The healthiest thing to consider for the wallpaper is Natural fiber wallpaper or as alternative…

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