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    Cool and Calm high End Bedroom Design Ideas by Steven G

    Cool and Calm high End Bedroom Design Ideas by Steven G

    The light and airy bedroom is a special tranquil and relaxing retreat that will certainly improve your life. Steve G and his interior design team will share you a few ideas to design a breathtaking bedroom using simple ways and inexpensive materials. Using simple and streamline furniture along with luxurious materials, you can easily create a five-star bedroom. In an Echo Aventura modern bedroom, Steven G of High End Interior Designers designs a clutter-free bedroom with crisp white leather bed and foot bench along with modern grayish couple of chairs and small table beside the floor-to-ceiling window. The light brown accents and unique upholstered headboard provide the room a magical look. Steven applies the same idea in a modern condominium using darker, yet natural shades of off-white and brown in addition to patterned bedding. ` If you are used to spend nights in addition to several hours of your day…

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