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    How to Create a Color Flow throughout a Home

    How to Create a Color Flow throughout a Home

    Some color consistency will create a matchless cohesive appealing look through your house, especially if it has adjacent rooms or an open floor plan. The challenge is to identify each place with a subtly different feeling and still create a harmonized masterpiece. The most valuable advice any expert would give you is to use one single color in each room. If brown is your favorite color, add one different unifying brown element in each room and keep the other colors variable. Thereby, you can install brown backsplashes and barstools in your kitchen, an elegant brown area rug in your dining room, a brown leather sofa in your living room, and then paint your entryway walls brown. Another way to create continuity is to paint all of the trim throughout rooms with the same color. Consider one shade of white that complement the color of your walls and apply it to…

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