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    Japanese Interior Design – Stick, Furniture and Accessorize

    Japanese Interior Design – Stick, Furniture and Accessorize

    Tranquility and peace of mind are two qualities that are required of homes to provide. Japanese interior design is capable of providing these qualities and more to any home. The secret behind the serenity of Japanese interior design lies in using Zen way of life to create a clutter lacking atmosphere that is good for relaxing and increasing productivity at the same time. In order to achieve the best of Japanese interior design, follow the following guidelines: Stick to the Essentials As mentioned earlier, Japanese interior design is marked by losing clutter and observing simplicity. For instance, use a single color to paint the home walls, let that be white or beige to reserve tranquility. As for the flooring, tatami mats are common sights in Japanese interior design. If you are aware of modern minimalistic design, you can use some of its elements to apply Japanese interior design. However, Japanese…

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