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    5 Neat Ideas That'll Show You Pallets Are Much more Than Wooden Planks

    5 Neat Ideas That’ll Show You Pallets Are Much more Than Wooden Planks

      Pallets are structures made of wooden planks to lift goods using jacking devices like forklifts and front loaders. Pallets are often considered useless when they are not used to lift things. However, Modern designers have used their creativity to upcycle almost every useless thing you can think of into gorgeous pieces of furniture. Some of these ideas are here in this article. 1 – Coffee pallet table is a great ideas. Get two pallets and place them above each others. For an even more practical coffee table, attach casters to the bottom corners of your coffee table. It will be an adorable piece for an outdoor furniture set or in a rustic décor room. For an extravagant look, paint it, and then add a glass top above. 2- You think that getting a kitchen island is expensive? Not anymore! Get three pallets, attach the pallets together using the nails…

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