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    Stunning DIY Projects to Recycle an Old Headboard

    Stunning DIY Projects to Recycle an Old Headboard

    Having spare times and personal skills to be engaged in DIY projects, you will be able to increase the functional value and aesthetic look of your home regularly. You will need just to be creative and find innovative ideas to transform the old furniture pieces into entirely new items. Purchasing a new bed does not mean that you have to throw away the old one. Instead, you can separate the headboard and footboard to turn them into new functional pieces. You should first fix the defects of your headboard using glow, nails, and additional wooden pieces and sand the surface to get a smooth feel. Here, you can paint the recycled headboard a new color to create a sense of harmony with your furniture pieces or accessories. Now, your headboard is ready to serve as a functional or a decorative piece. Your newly recycled headboard can serve as a perfect…

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