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    How to Keep the Playroom Beautifully Well-organized

    How to Keep the Playroom Beautifully Well-organized

    Instead of stumbling over the scattered toys in your kids’ playroom and constantly scolding them about it in vain, try those strategies of storage that will take neither much effort nor budget. For starters, the playroom should be divided into several sections according to the kids’ activities. For example, save a corner for computer games, the other one for reading, writing and taking naps, other corner for art projects, and another one for the puzzles and other activities. And in each section, manage to have cube shelving and baskets for storing the toys and items that belong to each activity. This doesn’t need a huge room to be achieved and it will teach your kids organizational skills and some important values. Label each toy storage bin by category and place those bins in the bottom shelves to be easily accessible. Make sure that tall shelves are anchored to the wall.…

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