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    How to Create a Relaxing Retreat by Kate Singer

    How to Create a Relaxing Retreat by Kate Singer

    Your retreat home is a special and personal space where you can forget the stresses and hardships of life. Accordingly, you can provide your existing home a retreat feel using a few changes in the personal rooms including your bedroom and bathroom. Your retreat bedroom will let you recharge your power and comfort your body and mind every night. The color of this room will affect your mood greatly; so, you can choose relaxing hues such as greyish blue, purple, light green, celestial blue, greyish lilac, lavender, or warm grey. Kate Singer prefers to place an ottoman with a storage space at the end of the bed to keep the place clutter-free and luxurious. The well-chosen dark colored window treatment with layered artificial light will help you sleep deeply all the night without interruption. The final addition in your retreat bedroom can be an artwork or element you love. The…

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