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    3 Great Swift-y and Thrifty DIY decorating Ideas

    3 Great Swift-y and Thrifty DIY decorating Ideas

    Are you one of those people who are always on the look out for new decor ideas? Do you feel – however – stumped by having too little time and too little money to do any of these decor projects you are thinking off? Do not worry, because with us, you will learn some swift-y and thrifty great decor ideas. 1- Do you feel that your book case or display rack is too dark, and is making your room look dark? You cannot get rid of it and you do not have the time to sand it and paint it a new cheerful color? Do not worry Just un-attach the shelves then measure the height and width from inside, then cut a piece of patterned wallpaper (choose something with a brighter shades of the colors in the room), stick it inside, then reattach the shelves. Now you have a new…

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