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    What is the urban furniture supposed to be and serve?

    What is the urban furniture supposed to be and serve?

    People may think that public and urban furniture supposed to be ordinary items installed in the street. But on a contrary, it is not just for the functional use, it needs to be elegant and comfortable either to serve the public well and add a fascinating look. The urban furniture installation is the public government and the specialist designers’ mission. There are family firms which are concerned to all kind of designs of shelters, street and urban furniture. The different forms of urban furniture include all the furniture installed in the public places such as; benches, bus stops, traffic barriers and bollards, picnic tables, bicycle racks, advertising pillars and streetlamps, phone boxes, fountains, and sculptures. The public furniture is where the public use it and it reflects also the common taste of the government. So it supposed to be comfortable, durable, withstand the different sorts of weather conditions and fashionable…

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