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    5 Key Considerations When Decorating Your Vacation Property

    2020 has been a full-on year, with a global pandemic, political and economic uncertainty, natural disasters, stay-at-home orders, and more. As such, you might be hanging out for the time when you can escape to your vacation home or, perhaps, buy such a property. If so, you want the home to give the right vibe for its purpose and make you breathe more and relax as soon as you enter. Here are five key considerations for you as you decorate the place to feel like the perfect spot to escape to. Design Based on Usage Think about how you’ll use your vacation property, so you can design it to suit your usage. For example, is this a place that only you and your family and close friends will use, or do you plan to rent it out to people part or all of the year? If you’ll rent the home for…

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