Tips for Designing Pretty Small Apartments

Moving to a small apartment may be a problematic situation if you have large and many furniture items. Your new apartment will be functional and compact; so, you will need to take some measurements to ensure that your new apartment will be clean, well-arranged, and uncluttered.

To begin your designation, you will need to reconsider your furniture. At your new apartment, it’s recommended to use small, functional, basic, space saver, and easy to clean furniture items to avoid cluttering the place and give it a spacious look.

The ready to assemble, the adjustable, and the folding furniture items will be ideal for your new apartment to be able to store them in a small space. You can get the wicker furniture with a damp cloth and store them at your patio when they are not in use.

You may opt for donating your old furniture and keeping only the multi-functional items such as the bean bag sofa; which can serve as a bed and a sofa, the ottoman that has storage space, the bed with underneath drawers and headboard to store your beddings, and the chest of drawers to be used for storing items or to serve as a dressing table.

Your pretty small apartment will need more space saving ideas. The floating shelves or wall mounted cabinets will hide most of your items in an arranged way. The glass dining or accent tables along with some reflective mirrors and TV plasma screen hanged on the wall in front of the window will reflect the natural light to give your pretty apartment a healthy and a spacious look.

To give more brightness to your small apartment, you can use the neutral colors or monochromatic scheme with stunning pieces of artworks and some fresh green plants as a marvelous decoration to your pretty department.


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