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Unusual Tips to Finding the Perfect Designer Apartments in Town

It is probably time you decide to pat yourself on the back, and you have figured out a designer apartment is a perfect way. Designer laptops allow you to enjoy everything from a heated, indoor lap pool to a catering kitchen. Newer high-end rentals tend to offer residents rock climbing walls, co-working spaces, sound studios, and much more! While your financial commitment to a luxury apartment is not as deep as that of an apartment owner, you still should take signing the lease seriously. After all, you will be paying a pretty penny, and plenty of things make renting a designer apartment different. Here are a few tips that will help you find the perfect apartment worth every penny you intend to spend.

  1. Cell Phone Service

    A spotty cell connection service may be an issue for anyone living several floors above the earth. Confirm that the apartment building has technological workarounds such as a cellular base station that helps connect your calls via a broadband network. At the same time, find out how much the service costs per month.

  2. Parking

    If you have a car, you are probably sick of changing your parking spot every evening or having to move your car several times in the evening. However, don’t just assume that your new apartment building offers each renter his or her spot. According to Heron Home Buyers, many apartment buildings have parking spots with a long waiting list. Instead, find out if there is a chance of getting your parking spot anytime soon, or you will be forced to canvas the neighborhood for the perfect spot after the move. Some buildings offer valet parking, but at an extra charge. Some building managers charge different rates for SUVs vs. sedans, so get a precise quote depending on what you drive.

  3. Gym Fees

    While looking into designer apartments, it is critical that you investigate whether the building’s gym fee is included in your rent. A gym, such as that at student apartments in Denver, is perfect since it is just downstairs. However, make sure you check it out at the time of day you would otherwise use it and see if there is a queue for your favorite exercise gear. If there is a gym membership fee, make sure you understand the terms. Find out if there is the flexibility of a month-to-month contract or an annual one. Some managers charge gym use by the apartment, while others will charge by the person.

  4. Location

    Management companies and landlords will often compensate for buildings located in awkward areas by adding amenities. Work out what your commute will look like to a complex like Sol at West Village apartments, and focus on the prize.

  5. Guarantor Requirement

    Designer apartments are not cheap, and if your yearly income or that of you and your roommate’s income does not add up to 50 times the monthly rent, can you call in reinforcements? Until recently, some renters could pay down more significant security deposits for luxury apartments. However, these deposits were capped to one-months’ worth of rent under the Universal Rent Control reforms. Due to the changes, guarantors are playing an active role for individuals who wish to rent designer apartments but have poor credit or do not qualify by income. Most landlords are willing to rent out if you have a guarantor making a minimum of 80 times your monthly rent.


You can easily spend an entire day describing all the fun stuff in a new designer apartment building. However, you must stay focused on the amenities you will use. For instance, if you don’t have a dog to pamper, an apartment building with a pet spa is of no use to you.

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