10 tips on hiring an interior designer

You need a good interior designer to bring your dream home to life, but the question is how to hire a good interior designer on a budget? Simply, follow the next instructions:

Firstly, you should decide which existing furnishings you wish and make a list of what you want the outcome of the decorating project to be. Secondly, determine your budget for your project.

Thirdly, you should collect sufficient information about designers, to be able to choose the best so you have to visit show houses and model homes or read local publications to find designers whose work you like. Fourthly, you can also check out decorating TV shows and magazines for more information.

Fifthly, to evaluate compatibility, you should interview each designer and ask for fees and scheduling. Sixthly, it’s very important to ask to see the designer’s portfolio. Seventhly, keep in mind you will spend a lot of time with a designer so you should choose the comfortable one.

Eighthly, don’t spend too much money and try to ask about ways to save money and cut the overall cost of the job. Ninthly, if you’re looking for a truly professional decorator, you should see a designer’s experience and background. Tenthly, ask your friends or members of your family about recommendations.

The easiest way is to stop by your preferable furniture store to see if they have an interior decorating service. You have to consider hiring an interior designer who has a formal education in interior design. Look for a designer who has a close working relationship with the types of contractors you will require.

Finally, ask a designer for references, get a list of clients who the interior designer has worked with in the past. Call them, and ask the references about their experience working with the designer.

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