• Professional Tips to Decorate Your Home for Different Occasions by Garrison Hullinger

    Professional Tips to Decorate Your home for Different Occasions by Garrison Hullinger

    The best way to gather all of your family members and friends is to hold parties in your home or garden. If you need to decorate your home for such occasions, Garrison Hullinger and his team can help you with the following tips. If you have a personal occasion and intend to decorate your home, you should define your budget and the focal point of your decorative elements. The fireplace with its mantel can be a suitable focal point for both of your home and party. If you will decorate the place with a natural theme, Hullinger team members provide you an advice you to use a large decorative piece such as a painting, a clock, or a fresh flower vase along with accessories with different heights and visual weights. If you will receive your guests in your dining room or kitchen, you can use fresh magnolia leaves or natural…

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  • Professional Tips to Install Your Living Room's Fireplace by Jason Ball Interiors

    Professional Tips to Install Your Living Room’s Fireplace by Jason Ball Interiors

    Whether you have a modern or traditional home, the warmth of fireplace or fire screen will flood your home with magic. If you will install a TV above such a fireplace, you should make sure the place would be safe and functional. “I’m not a huge fan of putting the television over the mantel,” says Jason Ball. Actually, you will watch TV when you intend to spend enjoying times with your family members, but the fireplace can be an ideal space for reading or telling stories. In addition, it couldn’t be safe to install an electric TV above a gas fireplace. However, if your living room hasn’t another suitable space for the large TV screen or you need to combine such aesthetic and functional elements to create a unique focal point, try to avoid using a narrow mantel and make sure the mantel is deep enough to display your artworks.…

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  • Simple Tips You Should Consider at Basement Renovation by Bruce Johnson

    Simple Tips You Should Consider at Basement Renovation by Bruce Johnson

    Are you moving to a new, yet small house or you live in an existing small-sized home? Why don’t you think to remodel the basement and expand your living space? If you like the idea, such tips by Bruce Johnson will certainly help you. Before you indulge in an actual step, you should study the available options and take all decisions. The place may need insulation, wiring, plumbing, wall frames, drywall, windows or doors. If you will frame the walls, you should create a space to run the electric wires to their outlets and install plumbing, heating vents and vapor or plastic barrier to the foundation concrete walls before installing the wall frames. You can use your basement to design rarely used or entertainment rooms such as storage spaces, a laundry room, or a playroom; yet, you can still provide such a basement more value using it as a living…

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  • Professional House Painting Tips Inspired from the Projects of Island Paint and Decorating

    Professional House Painting Tips Inspired from the Projects of Island Paint and Decorating

    The well-painted wall is a result of high-quality colorants and resins and a professional painter. Thus, if you need to remodel your home yourself, you can make use of such tips and tricks inspired from the projects of Terri Pentz and her team. As a DIYer, you will be certainly enjoyed with changing the colors of one or more rooms with the help of a friend or family members. According to the look you intend to create, you will choose the suitable painting tools. In most cases, you will use a roller to paint the large spaces, but you may need to create a cloud-like effect using a dishwashing or a car sponge, a flowing water-like paint using a water sprayer, and straight lines using adhesive tapes. Terri Pentz of Island Paint and Decorating recommend Benjamin Moore painting colors, as they are diverse, innovative, and high performing. However, you should…

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  • Useful tips to consider enhancing your patio area with suitable furniture

    Patio Furniture – Useful tips to consider enhancing your patio area with suitable furniture

    Your outdoor area is your paradise resort where you will enjoy the fresh air with your family, friends, and guests. You can also create it as you wish to have the great landscape ever without traveling. So you need to know how to create your dream patio, outdoor area, garden or even the pool area. In this article, we will talk about some useful tips help you when choosing your patio or outdoor area furniture. You may not know that the furniture choices for your patio are endless when you check them online or even in stores you will be amazed at the wide variety of sizes, designs, styles, colors, and materials. So you may feel worried about how to choose your perfect pieces to create your dream paradise. Before purchasing your furniture, you need to set your budget and visualize the look you want of your outdoor. There are…

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  • Tips to Create an Inspiring Home from Bella Villa Design Studio

    Tips to Create an Inspiring Home from Bella Villa Design Studio

    If you dream with a home that arouses your guests’ imagination and impress them, you should learn just a few decorative techniques and use your imagination to bring life to your ideas. You can add such inspirational elements to your existing home or to a new modern, classic, or transitional home. In your traditional home, the decorative details and your lighting choices will create an inspiring look in the place. Stephanie and her team in Bella Villa Design Studio provide the Knap home an inspiring touch beginning from the entry, as they use a decorative glass and iron front door, a cast iron and crystal chandelier, and polished stone floor tiles. The technical touch here is the darker shade of brown used at the background of the displayed artwork. The bathroom of the same home is an extremely inspiring place with its interesting crown molding, a bay window, Corinthian columns,…

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  • useful tips to keep your leather furniture shiny and protected

    Some useful tips to keep your leather furniture shiny and protected

    Leather furniture is such an incredible investment to furnish your home with. You will have a luxurious and beautiful look with a functional furniture use. Leather furniture is a beautiful addition to any home, you may feel it is little expensive, but it is a type of furniture that will last for a long time if you take a good care of it and keep its luxurious look as it is still new. Here are some useful tips to take a good a care of your leather furniture; above all, you should know how to protect your leather furniture from any damage. Keep your leather furniture in a safe location, in other words, set your furniture to be in a good condition away from the sunlight, heat and even air conditioning. Then, if you have kids or pets, you need to protect your leather furniture from any spills. Your kids…

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  • How to Remove the Musty Smell from Wood Furniture with useful tips

    How to Remove the Musty Smell from Wood Furniture with useful tips

    Wood furniture is easy to get mildews and have a musty smell because it is sometimes not well protected and cleaned. So you need to take care of your wooden furniture to keep it shiny and beautiful. Now you may wonder how to remove the musty smell from Wood Furniture. Here are some useful tips to get rid of the musty smell from your precious wooden furniture and then you have to keep it clean and protected: Above all, you need to check well your wooden furniture and decide that the Musty smell is from deep mildews inside the wood or it is a simple object that caused these odors. According to the mildews degree, you will decide the right way to get rid of these musty smells. First, if they are just simple objects that caused these odors, thus, you will also use simple way to remove them like:…

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  • Few tips to pick perfect furniture for a dorm room

    Few tips to pick perfect furniture for a dorm room

    A college life is plenty of activities and it is a busy life that you need to cope with it perfectly and feel comfortable inside your dorm room to get all your tasks ready to be done. But at the same time as an adult student you may feel so anxious about how to decorate your dorm room with the right furniture and within your budget. In this article, we aim to help you to chill out and furnish your dorm room perfectly. Above all, you need to be smart and creative. Due to the small size of your dorm room, you need to decorate it wisely so you need to consider multi-purpose furniture to keep free space around. Plus, you need also this furniture with extra storage space. You have to make the most of your space and keep your area look neat and organized. Never forget to get…

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  • How to design a Home Theater Room with few tips

    How to design a Home Theater Room with few tips

    A home theater room is absolutely the room where we seek a comfortable shelter to enjoy and entertain as possible. So if you want to create one you have to follow some few tips to get the best entertaining theater room. First, you should do a well-planning before equipping your theater room. check the room area and measure it to figure out what it will be looked like. Where you are going to place your cinematic TV and its relating elements. You can ask a professional to help you designing your theater room or even he could give you a quick advice about it. You need to check the electricity inside the room because you have to ensure that you had a good electricity installation that your room design depending on to install the sound and video effects. And then, you should get a perfect audio and video system. you…

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  • How to brighten up your whole home look with few and simple tips

    How to brighten up your whole home look with few and simple tips?

    Every homeowner wants to have a decorated and attractive home where it is always his/her shelter and his/her personal place to relax and feel comfortable. The homeowner is always seeking the best as he/she could, to enhance his/her home look and functionality. In this article, I am trying to help you as a homeowner to get your dream home. Above of all, the painting is an easy way to change any home look. You have first to choose the right colors for your walls. To have a brighter home look, you may opt for a bright shade of colors as you can paint your wall with off-white or cream with another bright color for the other walls like light purple or blue. Then, it is time to talk about how to get your furniture! As we are in a modern days, you will go for modern furniture which is characterized…

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  • Few tips to create an organized and funny kids’ playroom

    Few tips to create an organized and funny kids’ playroom

    It is time to think about having a funny and an effective playroom for your kids. The playroom is not anymore a luxury; it becomes a necessary room for your kids to keep everything organized and to have their little space for playing, reading, or even learning and drawing. Designing a kids’ playroom to be effective and funny is so simple and it will be easy and entertaining task to accomplish with just few simple tips: First you have to manage your area wisely and organize it to different sections for every purpose and for different ages. The section will be as follows: you need a reading area, a toys area which will be also divided into small sections, an art and music area, the last ones are a learning and a nap area. After a well-planned playroom area, it will be time to design and decorate. Remember the playroom…

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  • Great tricks and tips to have the best kitchen remodel

    Great tricks and tips to have the best kitchen remodel

    As we all know the kitchen is the heart and the soul of our home. When we are boring with its look and need to get a new one, the kitchen renovation is the great way to create a livable kitchen area. This article will help on this big and challenging task. Above all, as a homeowner you need to set your budget, whatever your budget is, you will be able to add value and functionality to your home with perfect kitchen remodeling. After setting your budget, take a look around and determine what need to be eliminated and what can be fixed. Then decide the design or the style you want your new kitchen to look like. Remember also you need to view online remodel websites or go to remodel stores and have some ideas of their new approaches. To have a completely new look with an open budget;…

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  • Simple tips to renovate your living room with spring inspiration

    Simple tips to renovate your living room with spring inspiration

    There is no doubt that the living room is the place the family uses most, and where all the family members are gathering for a long time. So the family needs to feel cheerful and get ready for renovation to welcome the spring and thus change their mood to be more comfortable and cozy. Here are simple tips to decorate your living room with spring inspiration: First you should start with the colors and wall frame; you can bring the spring touch to your living room with bold sunny colors or you can try some new spring colors like green and flowery colors and mix them to match the spring inspiration with colorful rug and throw flowery pillows. Then it is time to renovate your sofa to match the spring; if you like the fabric sofa it is preferred to choose mid grey colors to be easy to mix with…

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  • Useful tips while decorating your small kitchen

    Useful tips while decorating your small kitchen

    Kitchen is the heart of every home. If you have a small kitchen you may think it will be a difficult task to design it. But it is not a problem anymore by well design planning, you can have stylish and effective small kitchen and you will make it look larger as well. The first step is the kitchen cabinets. There are many cabinets’ solutions for the small kitchen. You should pick the cabinets that save more space and give more storage ability. As example you can install galley cabinet which has 2 cabinets line installed on the walls, or you can use a base cabinet with roll-out trays option. Thus you can save space and have maximum usable storages. Then the kitchen table and chairs, there are many options for choosing the right table. You can pick a round table which fit well with small places or you can…

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  • Tips to Select the Perfect Door Knob and Lock Set

    Tips to Select the Perfect Door Knob and Lock Set

    When you decide to change your home’s entrance door or strengthen its security, you will need to find the matching handle and lock. You can find such hardware pieces with a wide range of styles, types, and finishes to meet your needs. The doorknob or handle can take different shapes such as square or round or even a lever handle. The lever handle is a popular option for the doors of rooms, as they are easy to grab and have decorative patterns. The square and round doorknobs are perfect for the entrance door , as the spindle rotate using latch mechanism. If you have kids, they will need to open the doors of their rooms; thus, they will like the lever handles, but they should take your permission while leaving the house; so, the round or square knob will let them ask your help to open the entrance door. The…

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  • Creative Tips to Organize your Entryway

    Creative Tips to Organize your Entryway

    Your entryway is the first spot you and your guests will see when they come to your home and the last spot they will see. Such a space is considered as a functional spot where you will need to place your coat and shoes; but you will need to arrange the place in a nice way to be attractive and inviting. Try to choose the exact furniture pieces that will perfectly match the size and style of your entryway. You will certainly find the super slim console table that includes a plenty of drawers for your narrow or small entryway. The wall-mounted shelves will store your shoes in a stylish and organized way as they come with different designs, shapes, and colors to blend with your entryway walls. You can install wall-mounted baskets to let you store your small items in an accessible place and to keep your items off…

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  • 3 Tips on Choosing a Perfect Lever Faucet for Your Kitchen

    3 Tips on Choosing a Perfect Lever Faucet for Your Kitchen

    Choosing a kitchen faucet might seem like an insignificant matter for many people. However, they do not realize how wrong they have been until they install some cheap but ugly looking faucets that stick out in their kitchen and ruin their overall kitchen look. Therefore, you have to make sure that you choose a stylish lever faucet that complements your kitchen sink and adds to your kitchen ambiance. In this article, you will find a few tips on how to choose the perfect faucet for your kitchen. 1- Faucets are a part of your kitchen decor just like kitchen cabinets, appliances and countertops. They should have a design that suits your overall theme of your kitchen. Check decor websites to find a faucet design that you love and feel it matches your kitchen well. Moreover, remove your old dull and rusty faucets because they will ruin the beauty of your…

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  • Few Great Tips on the Art of Choosing Cushions

    Few Great Tips on the Art of Choosing Cushions

    Everyone gets bored with their house style sometime. When you look for an affordable change that does a great impact on your living room design, you add or change a few accessories. One of the greatest affordable changes you could do for your living room is adding or changing cushions. Choosing cushions is an art, and we shall give you a few great tips on how to do it. 1- When it comes to the size of your living room cushions, you have to remember that the bigger the piece the bigger the cushion. So even if really big cushions seem fluffy and cuddly to you, do not get them as they will ruin your living room look. Only get these oversized cushions if you have a big couch. 2- You might think I am kidding but honestly how squishy the cushion matters too. Cushions filled with Styrofoam and synthetic…

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  • Practical Tips to Choose Kids Room’s Curtains

    Practical Tips to Choose Kids Room’s Curtains

    Preparing your kid’s room for a new baby or remodeling the existing room is a fun and enjoyable; yet, important process that will affect your kids’ personalities. That is why you should consider all the elements of the room including your window coverings.Here, you will find several tips about the ideal way for choosing such curtains. You will enjoy watching out your kids as they grow fast from a stage to another before your eyes. Thus, you should choose a healthy surrounding environment to let them grow soundly. Whether you will change the curtain of the existing room or purchase one for a new room, you should choose durable and natural fabrics to give the room a warm look. The lightweight and short curtains will be safe options for your little kids, as they may grape them while standing or playing. You will certainly choose the colors and theme of…

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