• 5 Smart Tips for Arranging Your Small Living Room Furniture

    5 Smart Tips for Arranging Your Small Living Room Furniture

    Living in small apartments seems like everyone’s problem these days. People have to try to deal with the problem of small space and how to make it good or at least tolerable. It is no wonder that people are always asking interior designers about decorating small living room and how to arrange their furniture. Find some smart tips for that in this article. 1- To make small spaces look good, you have to lessen visual elements that cause visual clutter. Therefore, when choosing colors for your living room, do not choose more than three colors. Needless to say, all of them have to be soft shades. 2- Small spaces need hidden storage ideas. So, what to do if you need to put away remote controllers, books and magazines? Buy furniture that has storage function. An ottoman is better than a coffee table, and a cabinet is better than an end…

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  • 3 Clever Tips for Small Living Rooms

    3 Clever Tips for Small Living Rooms

    Nowadays, people prefer living in studio apartments. Such studios are inexpensive and more available than larger condominiums. Nevertheless, living in such small spaces is not without disadvantages. Let us point out that a studio apartment has only one open room that should be utilized for many purposes. How to create separate spaces in this open room, make it less crowded, and make these studios look like larger homes? All these are questions will be answered here. 1- Go for functional choices. In order to succeed in designing a small space, the most important tip you need to follow is functionality. Living in a small place, unquestionably, means that you have a very limited room for storing things, and consequently, you have more clutter, the thing that will consume much of the space you have. It seems difficult to manage, yet there are different pieces of living room furniture that are…

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  • The Best Small Kitchen Space-Saving Tips

    The Best Small Kitchen Space-Saving Tips

    Not everyone is lucky enough to have a large and bright kitchen in their house so we present you this article especially, for those who have a lack of space. Here are the best small kitchen space-saving tips, scroll down to figure out them: The simplest way to make your kitchen look larger is to paint the walls in pastel and light shades. To lend glamour to your kitchen, then you need to keep your kitchen walls color and the rest rooms walls color as close together as possible. If there’s enough room for a small island, go for it. A small island will provide plenty of much-needed workspace and it works as a place to eat as well. Using a folding table instead of a regular sized table is a great idea to get more space as you can fold the table when it isn’t in use and use…

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  • Extravagant small living room design tips

    Extravagant small living room design tips

    Of all rooms in the house, the living room is considered the most important room as it is a place where you can have a good time with your family and your guests. A well-designed living room can add a tremendous value to your home. In this article, we have just shared some extravagant ideas that might help you to maximize the utility space in your small living room. To create the illusion of a room is larger than it really is, then you need to add a big mirror strategically. When it comes to small living room, then nothing can beat glass items. Glass items reflect lights and make the room more feel spacious. So it’s better for you to opt for glass tables and other furniture pieces made from glass or crystals. Colors have a great impact on small areas. Try to paint your living room in bright…

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  • Decorating Tips for a Small Living Room

    Decorating Tips for a Small Living Room

    The living room is an entry point to the house and it reflects our personality. In the living room you can catch up with your old friends. Indeed the living room is the most important room in any home so you should transform it into an aesthetic oasis. Here are top 9 decorating tips for a small living room: 1- If your living room is not big enough, then you should do some tricks in order to make your living room seem larger. One of these tricks is colors of a room. You should paint your living room with bright colors such as creamy, white, blue, purple or green. These colors will make your living room appear bigger than it really is. 2- Keep in mind that color of the ceiling should be lighter in shade than walls. 3- Another good trick to create space in your small living room…

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