• How to Remodel Your Home Keeping its Distinctive Features with Craftsman Design and Renovation

    How to Remodel Your Home Keeping its Distinctive Features with Craftsman Design and Renovation

    Remodeling your old or historic home can be a disturbing project, as you may lose the distinctive features of the place. When you hire an interior designer or plan for the remodel yourself, you should define the features you need to keep and set your plan accordingly. Your home remodel project may include the style and color of your interior. For example, Wade Freitag and his team members in Craftsman Design and Renovation renovate SE Hawthorne District Kitchen create an open home design with reflective surfaces and high-end appliances keeping the original wall colors and the simple moldings creating an eclectic look in the place. In an East Moreland home, the team members create a whole remodel and install new moldings to provide the place a historic touch in a new way. If you have an original historic home, you can keep its historic look and remodel just a few…

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  • Creative Refrigerator Designs for your Ultramodern Kitchen

    Creative Refrigerator Designs for your Ultramodern Kitchen

      Designing your ultramodern kitchen should be unique and impressive to fascinate your visitors by its look and function. Your refrigerator will be an essential part of that kitchen; so, it should be chosen carefully. You will find different options of the creative refrigerators to choose the most suitable one for the design and function of your ultramodern kitchen. The ultramodern kitchen utilizes high technology appliances to give you the best functionality you need.You can purchase a radio frequency identification technology fridge that can display the detailed information about your food on an interactive touch screen to give you the types of food and quantities you have and the recipes you can cook with the available ingredients. The designers are developing another idea to easily know what is on your fridge without opening it. Such an idea is a window fridge that can be transparent when you press the exact…

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  • Enjoy the coziness and the simplicity of the country style inside your bedroom

    Cozy Bedroom – Enjoy the coziness and the simplicity of the country style inside your bedroom

    Your bedroom is considered your safe haven where you can relax comfortably. What can give you such comfort and freshness except the country style? The country style becomes popular nowadays because of its simplicity and the maximum coziness it could provide. Why we recommended the country bedroom style! Simply, because this style is all about natural materials, unfussy and practical furnishings, airiness and rich color schemes which means that it will add life and comfort to your room atmosphere. This style will stay with you for a long time plus when you want to remodel your bedroom you can keep the original country style with other styles that will be charming too. So it will be an amazing investment to your home and will add value and character to it. In any décor, the color scheme is the basic to begin with. The country bedroom style is characterized by simple…

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  • Get a glamorous and warm bedroom as you dream

    Get a glamorous and warm bedroom as you dream

    The bedroom is our sanctuary where we relax and sleep. It should be a warm place and when we are going to decorate it, we have to create it as our own heaven to be satisfied. To create this warm and comfortable bedroom, it is what we are going to talk about in this article. To make your dream cozy bedroom, I have to be honest and tell you that it is all about the colors and the right stuff with the accessories. If you pick them correctly you will get all what you want with simple little things. It is not too hard to achieve, you first should measure your room to decide the right colors for it. If your bedroom size is almost good enough, now you may prefer to paint it with cherry red which is a warm romantic color as well for one or two walls,…

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  • Decorate your small apartment wisely to maximize and beautify its look

    Decorate your small apartment wisely to maximize and beautify its look

    If you have a small apartment, you don’t have to be worried about the style and the functionality. In these modern days, you will have your dream stunning apartment with functional purposes and at a good price as well. In this article we will help you to decorate your apartment in the best way. First of all, there are many companies that are specialized in furnishing the small apartments. You need to take a look at them and search online to know the best one for you to buy your furniture. But as experts are recommended the RTA furniture market because they are the best to maximize the look of your small apartment with good quality furniture. They have your required items to furnish your apartment as the sofa-bed which has beautiful look with multi-purposes; you can use it as a comfortable seating and then transform it to a bed.…

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  • Recycled wooden furniture for warm and unique home

    Recycled wooden furniture for warm and unique home

    These days, the recycled or reclaimed wooden furniture items become a new popular trend for both manufactures and home owners. Without doubt that this recycled wooden items have the advantages because of their unique depth, warmth, color and dimension, in addition that they add a special character inside your home. What are the reasons behind this increase and popularity of the recycled wooden furniture pieces? Before telling you the reasons, you may prefer to know what is this recycled furniture or from where they come from? The recycled wooden furniture as the other reclaimed elements all over the world from the old wooden items or recycled from existence one like old furniture, bridges, buildings, old barns . etc Now here are the top reasons behind the huge demand of the recycled wooden furniture: The first one, the recycled wood items are Eco-friendly; the best thing about it that it is…

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  • Why modular office furniture is your best choice

    Why modular office furniture is your best choice?

    In these hard financial times, you need to run your business in the best way within a tight budget and with a good quality. Modular office furniture is popular and ideal for your growing business. This type of furniture has many benefits and very functional use. What is the modular office furniture? It is a type of furniture comes with wide range of styles, colors, sizes and variety of materials like desks, chairs, cabinets, and cubicles. The modular office furniture has an attractive look and provides comfort atmosphere. This furniture saves more place than the traditional furniture. While purchasing the modular office furniture what benefits you will gain? First: price and quality, you will decorate your office with best quality materials and within your budget, there is no need to spend more money to get attractive and good furniture. Second: the size, you can order the modular furniture that suits…

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  • Creative Ways to Add Art to Your Walls on Budget

    Creative Ways to Add Art to Your Walls on Budget

    Being on budget does not mean that you should leave your walls bare. Instead, you can use your creativity and the available decorative elements to create unique wall art and reveal your personality clearly in your home. To decorate your walls, you should first define the style and function of the room. Your traditional home will need more adorned artworks than the modern clean home. Additionally, your wall art should create harmony with the room’s furniture and colors to avoid cluttering the place. If you are a photographer or even a lover to nature, you can take pictures to the most impressive moments of the day or fascinated natural views to display them in your living room. If you have the talent of painting unique shapes, it will be a great chance to display your works as wall arts. Even if you have not artistic talents, you can still add…

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  • Clever Home Additions for an Interesting Modern Look

    Clever Home Additions for an Interesting Modern Look

    The simple look of your modern home may hide unique elegance and function. With the pass of time, you should remodel such a home to increase its functional and decorative value; thus, you will need clever inspirations and creative ideas. Here you can find creative ideas for such a modern home. The interesting impact of lighting system in your modern home is undeniable, especially if you are using interactive lighting fixtures. The led-work lamp, for example, can change its optical state according to the rest of your lighting system and to the surrounding people. The collection of led-work lamps includes modular devices connected with embedded magnets to change their forms. You can use your hand or body motion to change the color and rhythm of the whole cluster. The beauty of fan-like metal tables will set them as the focal point of any room. Such tables can be aesthetic sculptural…

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  • Interesting Mirror Designs for Different Parts of your Home

    Interesting Mirror Designs for Different Parts of your Home

    Mirrors are usually used to give your home a spacious look, let you see yourself before you go out, and give the place a reflective look. However, you may need to change the look of a certain space into your home using a unique mirror design; thus, the perfect mirror will be your best choice. You can find interesting mirror designs to add a brand new feel to any part of your home. For example, the mirrored sphere seating can serve as multifunctional pieces of furniture as they have wooden frames and decorated with mirrors to create double images for the user. The smartphone shaped mirror is a cosmetic accessory that can decorate your dressing table giving you a feel that you are taking selfie for your face. Using high-tech mirrors in your home will add the aesthetic look of the place giving you a different overall look. The high-tech…

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  • Creative Ideas to Begin a Craft Project with Your Kids

    Creative Ideas to Begin a Craft Project with Your Kids

    Do you need to develop your kids’ mental and craft skills? Actually, the suitable DIY craft projects will help your kids use their imagination, develop their self-confidence, enjoy different experiences, appreciate different opinions, and work in teams perfectly. You will need just to begin such a project to teach your kids the main values and rules to the teamwork and manual crafts. At the beginning of any DIY craft project with your kids, you should consider the elements of safety and simplicity to provide them an enjoying experience every time. This means that only you will work with the dangerous, poisonous, sharp, and complicated items and let the safe items such as sponges and plastic instrument for your kids to work with. To provide the projects more enjoyable taste, you should let them choose the stuff they like to do and achieve the job on their way under your supervision.…

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  • Installing Crown Molding Has Never Been Easier With these 7 Steps

    Installing Crown Molding Has Never Been Easier With these 7 Steps

    Crown moldings are these constructions made of millwork and plaster to gracefully decorate the top edges of the walls. It gives any place the sort of elegance and drama that makes you think something like: “wow, that must have been hard to make” or “That must have cost a fortune!’ Well, we will show you how to install it easy for less than $3 per foot. 1- Decide on a type of crown molding design and type to use. A good choice would be foam molding covered with plaster. 2- With a handsaw and a miter-box, cut the molding and put it upside down on the miter box. Brace it against the side and bottom at an angle and start cutting it with the handsaw. 3- As for corner points, you have to cut the molding at a 45 degree angle. Make the top part shorter for inside corners and…

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  • 4 Basic Principles for Contemporary Decor

    4 Basic Principles for Contemporary Decor

    Contemporary decor is chosen by many for its clean lines, open spaces and simplicity. There are no extravagant ornaments or lavish decorations. Every piece of furniture is there because you cannot do without it. So many pieces of furniture has multiple purposes. Therefore, you will find that contemporary style with the perfect blend of functionality and simplicity. We shall tell you here about the basics of modern decor. 1- Mirrors are magic you could use to your advantage. Mirrors are a necessity for modern decor because they help at establishing the principles of open space and bright well lit areas. They also add a sleek stylish look to your rooms. Also mirror-like surfaces should be used as well, like glass covered tables and glossy surfaces. 2- Think smart when you are thinking about storage. Since modern decor depends on simplicity, visual elements that could cause visual clutter are kept to…

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  • How to Choose a Metal Bed to Create a Stylish Look into Your Bedroom

    How to Choose a Metal Bed to Create a Stylish Look into Your Bedroom

    Purchasing a metal bed will be a perfect choice because it will blend with your home style and décor perfectly. Such beds are easy to maintain and clean and can resist molds; so, they will give your bedroom a clean look. In addition, they can match the theme of the room as you can find romantic, luxurious and whimsical looking metal beds. To choose the perfect metal bed for your bedroom, you should consider the style, size, color, and design of the room. If you have traditional styled room, the bronze, black, or golden brass or wrought iron bed that has swirls or floral patterns will be your perfect choice. Such a bed can be covered with the beddings that will match the theme of the room. If you need to create a luxurious look, you can use royal blue or rich red beddings made of silk, stain, or velvet,…

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  • Get a Stylish, Modern and Affordable Decor for your Kitchen from Ikea

    Get a Stylish, Modern and Affordable Decor for your Kitchen from Ikea

    Remodeling your kitchen may look like a hard and stressful process because of all the work you have to do. Now it became a very easy process, I will give you some ideas that will simplify the whole remodeling process. Ikea provides a new cabinet that works really well in your kitchen. It gives your kitchen a good storing place and a contemporary beautiful look. To answer any question that will come to your mind; the cabinet will suit your kitchen and it will stay for a long time and the best thing it won’t cost a lot. They have a melamine coat so it’s scratch proof. And for sure everybody knows that Ikea is the best existing brand. First of all you should know how much you can bay then you can choose the type of cabinet you need. The modern style is great so choose one from the…

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  • Why would you Buy an Expensive piece of Furniture if you can get it for Free or in

    Why would you Buy an Expensive piece of Furniture if you can get it for Free or in a Really Cheap Coast?!

    If you are low in cash but you need to have some furniture you don’t have to buy a new one. A lot of people sell the furniture they don’t need any more everyday so you can get them; you can get lucky and find some people give them away without any cost. It may take a lot of work from you to find them but it will worth it. You will find here the top 5 brands that will help you save a lot of money. You will find all the furniture for any room in your house. Of Corse you know IKEA it’s very popular, a lot of the furniture you can find there is simple and don’t cost a lot. Also you can assemble your own set of furniture as it’s very easy and simple. Roommates brand is the second one; you will find any home decor…

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  • How to Create a Gorgeous Japanese Garden

    How to Create a Gorgeous Japanese Garden

    Recently, more and more people use Japanese design and décor when they decorate their gardens. Japanese gardens are gorgeous. They reflect the Japanese people’s love for nature and their refined artistic sense. If you like to have a Japanese garden or redecorate your garden following a Japanese style, here are some guidelines that will help you achieve that. Basically, there are thre types of Japanese gardens: Chaniwa, Tsukiyama and Karasensui gardens. Chaniwa gsrdens are usually used for tea ceremonies, so you have to have a teahouse in your garden.Tsukiyama gardens represent the beauty of nature, so they have flowers, water features, ponds, footpaths and a bridge. Karasensui gardens use gravel and boulders to display the beauty of nature in an abstract way. All these styles reflect the great love the Japanese culture has for nature. Japenese culture emphasizes on trees and plants. So if you are considering creating a Japanese…

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  • Magical Stylish Modern Nursery’s Furniture

    Magical Stylish Modern Nursery’s Furniture

    Having a baby is a happy moment and a new beginning that all parents expect and should carefully plan for. They always want to create a charming stylish modern kid zone. So they should prepare a comfortable and good looking nursery for their kids by selecting well all the furniture, decor, and accessories. Why choosing the modern furniture? Because you will be amazed by the range of colors and features that comes with it. When decorating your kid room, you better use washable wall paint and use colors and themes that make the nursery full of life and charming. Then choose the right furniture to make your dream modern nursery like the cribs, bedding sets, table, chairs, closet, etc. You can also decorate it with mobile toys, blankets, and any desirable accessories. The baby bedding should be sleek and soft and have straight lines. Most modern toddlers are organic, and…

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  • Lovely Information about Doll Houses

    Lovely Information about Doll Houses

    Let’s forget about the crowded world we live in and escape to the little angels’ world. Do you remember doll houses? I personally do, I made one of cartoon when I was little. Let’s just say first, what are the doll houses for those who aren’t familiar with it. The doll houses are a similar shape of the real house with all its details. Doll houses have rooms, furniture, glass windows, curtains and all the items you can find in any real house. Doll houses designs have a long history starting from the Victorian palaces to the nowadays traditional houses. The old dolls houses weren’t advanced like now; they were just wooden palaces without any additional accessories. Nowadays, doll houses has all the real house features, they have floor levels, lighting, carpets, etc. Girls love doll houses, because they imitate their moms when they cook, clean the house or prepare…

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  • Wonderful small Laundry Room tips

    Wonderful small Laundry Room tips

    Of all the rooms in the house, our laundry room sees the most action. Our laundry room is always out of sight and out of mind although we spend more time within our laundry room. We produce you some essential tips for small laundry room as well as laundry room interior design ideas. If your laundry room is not large enough, then try to install a workspace countertop over a pair of side-by-side, front-loading machines to have a place to fold, sort or iron clothes. To organize the stuff in your laundry room, try to add cabinets or shelving above the appliances. If you are looking for a place to hang your clothes to dry or to hang them as you remove them from the dryer before putting them away, then using a closet rod, suspended from the cabinet is the solution. Carts on wheels with divided bags are practical…

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