White and Beige French Furniture

White and beige colors generally give you unlimited space to use any design or color at your home because they can fit a large variety of styles. The French style will look great with the white and beige colors because it is a simple and natural style that depends mainly on its furniture.

The French furniture is usually made of a light wood with subtle patterns and beautiful ornaments of lavender flower, wheat, or fruit. The furniture bed may have black canopy frame with a veil placed in the middle of a feminine and elegant bedroom. The French dining room is used to be very large with a chateau table to give a royal feel. This way, you could find any needed furniture item that matches the French style.

The most prominent theme in the French style is the rural nature. To reflect this theme correctly, you will need to add the decoration that includes flowers, fruits, and pictures of the green fields. You can place some traditional romantic pictures on a white or beige wall such as a couple under a tree or murals of rural scenes. The French main landmarks such as Eiffel tower’s photo will boost the French style them.

Your white or beige kitchen also should help in displaying the French style to unify your home. Your kitchen is an ideal space to use the natural elements in. Your countertops will be made of natural granite or marble and your cabinets may be made of oak. To complete the look, your kitchen’s floor needs to be stone or brick covered by a wool or cotton rug. The metallic materials also have special position in the French theme. Your bright stainless steel sink will match the iron curtain rod and the iron stand used as a candle holder. This combination will result in an elegant original French theme.
White and Beige French Furniture

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